Our Five Ring Circus: 8 Tips to Help Your Child Sleep Better with Pact Dream Big Pajamas

Sunday, June 6, 2021

8 Tips to Help Your Child Sleep Better with Pact Dream Big Pajamas

Pact Dream Big Pajamas

I received Pact Dream Big Pajamas for free from Moms Meet to review. Compensation for this post was provided, and this post may contain affiliate links.

Whether you have 1 child or 10 children, I'm sure you probably have times when you are absolutely exhausted. Raising kids can be tiring, and it seems like sleep struggles are the cause of most of that exhaustion! So many factors have to work together in order to help kids sleep well, including plenty of fresh air, a consistent bedtime routine, and comfortable pajamas.

4 of my 5 kids have always been great sleepers, but my 5th child is not. I'm just so tired, that I cave into things like letting him sleep in our bed so *I* can get some sleep. I know it's time to sleep train him, so he can establish healthy sleep habits on his own.

Several things have worked wonders with our 4 older kids, so I know it's time to utilize these methods! He has a comfortable crib and a cozy room, he naps early, he doesn't get caffeine, he gets plenty of exercise, he has the comfiest pajamas, so NOW it's time to start a bedtime routine. It's best for all of us in the long run!

9 Tips To Help Your Child Sleep Better

How To Help Your Child Sleep Better

Get Plenty of Fresh Air and Exercise

Getting plenty of sunlight, fresh air, and exercise helps everyone sleep better! Just think of how tired you feel after an afternoon spent at the pool. When you get outside and get moving, you end up sleeping better at night! (Just don't get that exercise too close to bedtime!)

Try to Maintain Regular Sleep/Wake Times

I have 5 kids. I get it. We love to take advantage of sleeping in and going to bed later during Summer Break! Although the occasional break from routine is fine, it's best to keep those sleep and wake times within a 1-2 hour time frame.

Nap Earlier in the Day

Some kids give up naps earlier, some kids nap into the Kindergarten years, and some teenagers LOVE to take naps. I have/had all of the above! My only nap rule is for the older kids to keep naps short and to nap early in the day. Babies and Toddlers still need a regular nap schedule, but I try to have Coen nap in early afternoon.

Stay Away From Caffeine

Caffeine is so easy to avoid when kids are young, but it gets tougher as kids grow. I let my older kids have caffeine, but I don't buy soda to drink at home unless we host a picnic or party, and my kids know they can only have caffeine before dinner time.

Choose the Right Tools to Help Your Child Sleep

Ideally, our house would sit on acres of land, away from traffic and noise. That's not the case, though. Instead, we live on a corner by a stop sign, so it can be bright and noisy at times. My entire family takes advantage of some awesome sleep tools, like room darkening curtains, sound machines, a nightlight, and air purifiers or fans.

Establish a Consistent Bedtime Routine

Routine, routine, routine. This is probably the most important factor! Having a consistent routine helps kids realize what comes next. We have even used routine charts for our younger kids to help with the bedtime routine. Our routine never really changed over the course of 16 1/2 years:

  • Bedtime Snack
  • Bathtime
  • Lavender Calming Lotion and Comfortable Pajamas
  • 15-20 minutes of quiet play or reading in a dim bedroom
  • Pee on potty
  • Reading with mom or dad in bed
  • Lights out

Give Your Child a Safe and Cozy Sleep Spot

When you have a comfortable bed to sleep in, it quickly becomes one of your favorite places. When kids are old enough to have an opinion, let them choose their bedding, pillows, a canopy or tent, and favorite stuffed animals. If they need a nightlight because they are afraid of the dark, a sound machine to cover up background noise, or a fan to stay cool, set that up as well. If they love their bed and feel safe, they will sleep much better!

Choose Comfortable Sleepwear

Over the years, I learned to invest in quality, comfortable sleepwear. Truthfully, you get what you pay for. I made the mistake of letting my first child choose lots of character pajamas when he was a toddler/young child. Guess what? They always shrunk in the first wash, they didn't hold up well, and they had massive tags in them, so we really didn't have many pajamas to pass on to his younger brothers. I finally started to buy quality pajamas that were comfortable, and could be passed on, and we found some favorites along the way, including Pact Dream Big Pajamas!

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matching pajamas for kids

Who is Pact?

Pact is on a mission to become Earth's Favorite Clothing Company! Pact clothing is made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and is Fair Trade Certified. Organic cotton uses 91% less water than conventional cotton while being produced. When you choose certified organic cotton clothing from Pact, you’re ALSO supporting water conservation efforts! 100% Organic Cotton is made without toxic chemicals, so it's a healthier option for you. Pact makes clothing that is better for the world, AND better for your family!

Why Should You Choose Pact Dream Big Pajamas?

Pact Dream Big Pajamas is available for kids in size 18 months through size 10. If your kids like to match, it makes it really easy to find matching options in a wide variety of sizes! The Dream Big Pajamas are made from the 100% Certified Organic Cotton that I mentioned above, but there are other reasons why you're going to love them!

  • The fabric is prewashed and shrink resistant.
  • The pajamas feel so soft!
  • The pajamas come in great colors and prints.
  • Matching options for kids with big age gaps between them.
  • Can easily mix and match tops and bottoms!
  • They have a snug fit for safety.
  • Each pair has a pull on waistband and banded cuffs at the wrists and ankles.
  • Perhaps my favorite feature - They have a tagless label in the back to prevent discomfort or rubbing against the skin. This is AWESOME for kids who have sensory issues!

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Pact Dream Big Pajamas

Why We Love Pact Dream Big Pajamas

I was actually introduced to Pact over a year ago. Coen had some footie pajamas, Liam had some toddler-sized pajamas, and Lily also had a pair of big kid pajamas. Coen outgrew his months ago, but Liam and Lily still fit into their Pact pajamas. They quickly became their favorite pajamas in pretty solid colors, fun stripes, and floral prints. They wore/wear them weekly, and they still look brand new, and fit really well. 

Pact recommends machine washing in cold water and tumble drying on low to care for their Dream Big Pajamas. I do always wash on cold, but I prefer to line dry some pajamas and clothing. I'm very pleased with how our older Pact pajamas held up, so I have been doing the same with their new Dream Big Pajamas.

I had high expectations when we received the Dream Big Pajamas from Pact, and they did not disappoint! My rough and tumble boys wear them a lot, even outdoors, and they are holding up perfectly. There have been grass stains and Vaseline stains (Coen likes to fingerpaint his body with Vaseline), and I was able to get them out with a stain remover and a regular washing. They are my boys' favorite pajamas! They seem very comfortable, they look cute, and I love the fact that they can match in toddler sizes and big kid sizes!

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Pact Clothing

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Dream Big Pajamas at wearpact.com

Save 20% on your first Pact purchase with the promo code MomsMeet20, applied at checkout. Offer is valid until 12/31/21. 

*Offer valid on first purchases only. Does not apply to sale items, and cannot be combined with other offers.

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