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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Rainy Day Activities: Play Dough Sensory Kits

Rainy Day Activities

*Play dough kit was gifted from Darling Little Details

It's officially our rainy season in Pennsylvania, and my outdoor-loving kids are not too happy about it! Liam and Coen are very energetic explorers, so being trapped indoors isn't much fun for any of us. I have to line up a lot of fun rainy day activities to keep their minds off the fact that they can't go outside and run. Our themed play dough sensory kit is currently one of their favorite activities in the rainy day rotation!

We are big fans of sensory play, but I admit, we haven't played with play dough in a while. We went straight from Coen trying to eat it, to a puppy trying to eat the pieces off the floor, so I tended to avoid it. I always wanted to make themed play dough kits, but right now, I don't have the time or the energy. I was super excited when a fun play dough sensory kit from Darling Little Details arrived in the mail!

These themed play dough sensory kits are truly rainy day activities/boredom busters wrapped up in one perfectly portable package! Everything stays organized and fresh in one little box, and all the included treasures provide the kids with endless ways to play. It was an instant hit with my little kids, and I'm a big fan of the easy clean up and storage. Themed playdough kits are a perfect sensory addition to every playroom!

Sensory Play

What are Play Dough Sensory Kits?

A Play Dough Sensory Kit is basically a box - oftend divided- that is filled with balls of play dough, and little toys and accessories that help facilitate play. Most of the kits are themed, so the possibilities are endless. Every child is certain to find one kit that they'll love! Sensory play is so important, and play dough is one of the simplest forms of sensory play!

Play Dough Kits

What are the benefits of Sensory Play?

  • Sensory Play helps develop fine and gross motor skills. (Squeezing play dough is GREAT for building the muscles in the hand that will be needed for writing.)
  • Sensory Play can have a calming effect.
  • Sensory Play supports cognitive development.
  • Sensory Play allows children to learn and explore.
  • Sensory Play is both a perfect individual activity as well as an inclusive activity.
  • During Sensory Play, children learn through their senses - Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch!
  • Sensory Play can happen anyway - indoors or outdoors.
benefits of sensory play

What does Darling Little Details offer?

Darling Little Details is a small shop based in Texas. They sell adorable homemade play dough sensory kits and accessories at very reasonable prices. In the shop, you can find:

  • Deluxe Kits (Large)
  • Signature Kits (Medium)
  • Mini Kits (Small)
  • Pocket Kits
  • Sensory Kit Tools like resin numbers and rolling pins
  • Accessories - Cute Personalized Sunglasses 
They have really cute themes, too!
  • Dog Park
  • Birthday Party
  • Fairy Tale
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Pirates
  • Nature Explorer 
  • A Toddler Kit
  • Dinosaur
  • Zoo 
  • Construction Play
  • Fairytale
  • Fairy Garden
  • Ocean Explorer
  • ...and many more!
Darling Little Details Play Dough Sensory Kits

What we thought about the play dough sensory kit:

We have been focusing on sensory play since Liam was a baby. Up until a few months ago, when our puppy came home and became a living vacuum, we used play dough frequently for occupational therapy at home. I kept Coen away from it, because he kept tasting it, but now that he's older, he understands that it's strictly for play!

We received the Mermaid Play Dough Sensory Kit from Darling Little Details. I promise it isn't as gender specific as you would think - not that it would matter to us! The kit included 4 pretty balls of play dough, including glitter play dough, shells, various rocks and gemstones, a treasure chest, coins, plants, sea animals, and mermaids. My 2 year old called the mermaids "people fish" which I thought was funny!

As a mom, I love how this kit provides both pretend play and creative play options. My 9 year old, Lily, even joined her little brothers, and had a great time making pretty ocean scenes. Liam and Coen also made ocean scenes with the play dough and accessories, but they also engaged in pretend play. They were having so much fun that they didn't even realize they were building fine motor skills along the way!

Playdough activities

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Sensory Play

Play dough activities

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Down syndrome

Also worth noting:

  • The kit keeps the playdough fresh, and the supplies organized.
  • Thanks to the slim design, it can be stored anywhere!
  • It can be easily slipped into a purse or diaper bag for on-the-go sensory play.
  • Fast shipping, excellent customer service, and fun and unique themes!
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The Play Dough Sensory Kit keeps my younger kids occupied on rainy days. If I can keep them busy for 45 minutes to an hour, and clean everything up easily, I'm a big fan! I definitely see more play dough sensory kits in our future!

Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities - Play Dough Sensory Kits

Which Play Dough Sensory Kit would you love to try?

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