Our Five Ring Circus: The Wait Is Over

Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Wait Is Over

Down syndrome

After 8 long days of waiting, we finally received the results of Liam's biopsy. We have been living in fear since the end of September. The what ifs were continuously running through our minds, and worry took over our lives.  

We were anxiously awaiting and dreading the phone call from Liam's doctor, and it never came in. After 24 hours of waiting to hear from the ENT, I decided to send an email, and we heard back shortly. They were just waiting for their Advanced Specialists Team to review the results as well, to make sure nothing was missed. We were thrilled to hear that Liam does NOT have lymphoma, and that the mass that was removed from his neck is benign! It felt like a huge weight was lifted from our shoulders!

I'm keeping this short and sweet, by simply sharing the best news! Our many prayers were answered, and Liam is just fine. He is 9 days post-op, healing well, and was able to return to school in person today. We can finally put this behind us, and move forward. This year is looking GOOD!

Life with Down syndrome

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