Our Five Ring Circus: A Week In Mom Life - The First Week of 2021

Sunday, January 10, 2021

A Week In Mom Life - The First Week of 2021

A Week In Mom Life - The First Week of 2021

The first week of January has passed, the Christmas season is officially over, and we have returned to reality! In one short week, we went from holiday break to back to work/school/remote learning. We ended this first week of January by finding out that the rest of our kids can join Liam in going to school in person again!

Life lately has been a bit tough, but we're taking it one day at a time. Lexie is dealing with a terrible loss right now, and we can't do anything but help her through it. Liam is going through a scary health issue, and will be having surgery next week. We're hoping it's just a glitch in his otherwise excellent health history, but we are nervous about him going under general anesthesia, the doctors cutting into his neck, and receiving the biopsy results. 

Luckily, the busyness of big family life keeps us from overthinking things - it's those quiet moments that get us down. We do have some exciting things coming up, though! We're REALLY looking forward to some good!

Here's a look at the first week of January:

Friday January 1st

Happy New Year! We rang in 2021 together, cleaned up all the food, then headed to bed for some much needed sleep. We had a lazy New Year's Day, and a quiet dinner with my parents. That evening, we virtually attended Lexie's best friend's cousin's Honor Walk, so it was a very emotional end to New Year's Day. He is definitely a hero - his organs ended up saving 6 lives, including that of a 6 month baby girl - but we are heartbroken for his family. My sister ended up taking the girls for a hot tub night at her house to distract Lexie from her sadness. After the little boys went to bed, I soon followed.

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Saturday January 2nd

For the first Saturday in the new year, we had a quiet day at home. The girls came home from my sister's house, and Lily's best friend came over for a sleepover. They were wound up after not seeing each other much over holiday break! (We are very close with her family, and since we're all staying home, we have a little quarantine pod.) We all stayed up far too late!

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Sunday January 3rd

Did I mention we're getting a puppy? My mom and sister are getting puppies from the litter, too. On Sunday, we all stopped to hold our puppies. It is so awesome getting to visit with them once a week until they come home! When we got home, it was time for Coen's first haircut. He was not a fan, but that baby mullet had to be tamed! At the end of the day, we all got ready for the return to reality, but Liam and Coen would not fall asleep. Not a good start to going back to work/school!

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Monday January 4th

Aaaaaand, back to reality. The teenagers were up early to log on for live streaming their classes, Grant woke up next to log on for work, Lily woke up for live streaming, and Liam headed back to school. Throughout the month-long closure, he has been allowed to continue attending in person because he has and IEP and receives therapy at school. After dropping him off, Coen and I headed to the park for a workout. This year, I'm dedicating 321 of my miles to Down syndrome (in honor of the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome), and 365 of my miles in honor of Jake. The rest of the day was a flurry of cleaning, picking Liam up from school, and back to school activity.

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Tuesday January 5th

After dropping off Liam at school, working out at the park, and eating breakfast, I dropped Coen off at my parent's house so I could go grocery shopping without having to take him out in public. I always shop for our neighbor's, too, so I had a car overflowing with groceries. I picked Coen up from my parent's house, picked Liam up from school, and came home to unload the car and put away all the groceries. That night, we continued to watch The Mandalorian together, had dinner, did homework, cleaned, and got the kids ready for bed. P.S. Did you spot the boys in the Oshkosh email this week?!?

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Wednesday January 6th

This past Wednesday was my dad's 81st birthday! After working out, a brief stop at the playground, cleaning, school, work, and grabbing food from the cafeteria, we picked Liam up from school, and stopped to visit my dad. His present hadn't arrived yet, but the kids made him cards, and we just wanted to spend time with him. We are so thankful to have him 10 minutes away, and try to visit him and my mom twice a week!

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Thursday January 7th

New day, same school/work/exercise/cleaning routine as the previous three days. After logging off for the day, Lily was able to go back to tumbling with her best friend. By the end of the day, we were all exchausted after four school/work days. The return to reality after Christmas is always so tough! 

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We are now 3 days into the second week of January! We had a busy weekend, and although Saturday was very sad, we are getting back into the groove of things. Dylan and Lily will be joining Liam with in person school tomorrow, but Lexie will continue to live stream at home. Here's to a much easier week ahead!

How was the first week of January for you?

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