Our Five Ring Circus: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Monday, December 7, 2020

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

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One week of December is already behind us, and we have been busy! We decorated every nook and cranny for Christmas, we welcomed our elf back into our home, and we went to see zoo lights. Every December weekend ahead of us is full of Christmas fun, and we are thoroughly enjoying this season!

Each year, we try to put up our main Christmas tree on Black Friday, then decorate it within the next few days. Some years, real life gets in the way, and it gets put off a bit longer, but we managed to stick with our plan this year. The tree was up on Black Friday, fully lit on Saturday after fixing some light issues (I will never buy prelit again), and decorated on Sunday!

Decorating our tree is one of our favorite family Christmas traditions. We always work together to get it done, then get to enjoy our hard work for the next month and a half. There is nothing like the glow of a Christmas Tree to make our home feel happier and cozier. That's probably why we have one in every room!

Every year, we follow the same tree decorating traditions! We all gather in the living room, put on Christmas music, and the kids take turns hanging ornaments on the tree. Grant carefully unwraps or unboxes the ornaments one by one, and hands the ornament over to the child it belongs to or the child who is next in line, to hang on the tree. This continues until all the ornaments are on the tree.

I love fancy, themed trees, but we have so many sentimental ornaments - ornaments that belonged to grandparents, ornaments from our childhood, handmade ornanents, ornaments in honor of pets we once had, and each child has ornaments from each year of their lives. Every ornament on our tree tells a story, and I love it! It honestly makes me sad to think about each of our children growing up, and taking their ornaments with them. Our tree is going to be so empty! With that being said, this year it is overflowing with favorite ornaments...just how I like it. Full Christmas Tree = full house! 

After the ornaments were hung on the tree, Grant hid the two pickle ornaments, then the kids raced in to find them. Lily found one this year, so she was happy! We don't give them anything for finding them - they just get bragging rights! Our kids take turns putting the star on the tree, and Lily was up this year. She willingly gave up her turn last year so Coen could do it, so she was so excited! (The only thing we changed this year was skipping the ribbon on the tree. Lexie complained, so we opted for poinsettia blossoms instead, which came in a few days later!) The tree has been up for over a week, and the littlest in our family LOVES to rearrange the ornaments and poinsettias. After days of fixing the tree, I have officially given up. It just looks beautiful and very well loved!

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We all love our Christmas Tree decorating tradition. We live in such a busy home, so we really try to focus on togetherness throughout the holiday season. This is one Christmas tradition that always brings us together!

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