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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Holiday Gifts 2019 - Tablift

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I was gifted product in exchange for my honest review.

The countdown is on! Only 23 days until Christmas. I come from a big family, and I have a big family, so there are a lot of holiday gifts to buy for the wonderful family members and friends on my list!

I discovered some awesome products this year, so I'm going to share a few of them with you each week leading up to Christmas. I buy gifts for people of every age and ability. I hate buying the same type of gifts over and over again, but often fall into that trap. I'm always on the lookout for something new and different!

The tablift is perfect for almost everyone on your list! It's perfect for tech lovers. It's perfect for people who have limited mobility or special needs. And it's perfect for people who travel. If they have a tablet, they will love it!

We really put our tablift to use over the past two weeks. Liam was down for nearly two weeks with the flu and pink eye, and I had three other sick kids to care for as well. I'm not going to lie - there was a lot of electronics use in our home during that time! 


The tablift is such a convenient, easy to use gadget! It's a hands-free tablet stand that works with almost every tablet, including the most popular brands. It can be used while sitting, reclining, and even while lying completely flat in bed thanks to the three tablet positions. The flexible legs fold easily, so it's compact and convenient for travel and on the go!

tablet stand

After using it for a two weeks, I can honestly say I'm so happy I was asked to review the product. I never even knew it existed, but it is such a cool invention. It allows us to use our tablets hands-free ANYWHERE!

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Here's what I love about tablift:

  • You can use your tablet in landscape mode to stream your favorite shows in movies OR you can use it in portrait mode for reading or browsing.
  • You can still see the screen while lying flat in bed thanks to the forward position slot!
  • It works on uneven surfaces like couches and bedding.
  • Liam can easily set up the legs and slide the tablet into the slot by himself. (He does need help securing it with the adjustable holding piece.)
  • It can come everywhere with us!
  • I can use it on my kitchen counter, and have my tablet nearly at eye level. It makes it easier to follow an online recipe or watch something while doing dishes!

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The *only* thing I should note is that it doesn't work well with tablets that have extra thick protective cases. Liam's tablet in the waterproof/shatterproof kids' case did not fit, but we have another one with a thinner case that fits. 

Our tablift is a new favorite in our home! It would be a great gift for anyone who has a tablet, but it's especially good for people who have special needs, arthritis, or limited mobility. Liam is constantly knocking his tablet over, so using the tablift completely stopped that issue. He was able to stay in bed and rest comfortably, thanks to the hands free tablet stand!

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Tablet stand

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If you're looking for a gift that is unique, tablift would be a great choice! It's perfect for anybody who owns a tablet. It's a gadget you never knew you wanted or needed, but once you try it, you'll be hooked!

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Click HERE to purchase a tablift! 

What's on your holiday wish list?

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Holiday Gifts 2019 - Tablift

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