Our Five Ring Circus: The Kids Behind The Blog: August Edition

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Kids Behind The Blog: August Edition

The Kids Behind The Blog

Happy Wednesday! I'm in the middle of an absolutely chaotic week, and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get everything done before we leave for vacation this weekend. We are so excited to go to the beach, but I really could use one more week to prepare! I'm taking a brief (and much needed) break from the overwhelming stress to bring you August's edition of The Kids Behind The Blog! 


Dylan - Age 12 / Alexandria - Age 10 / Liliana - Age 6 / Liam - Age 3

If you could change one of your family's rules, what would you change?

LIAM: *Gives me a kiss.* "Smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch." Mom Thoughts: He is the sweetest!

LILY: "I would change it and make it no locking the doors. If we hear the door open, we can just run out and grab him." Mom Thoughts: We had to install locks on the top of each exterior door because Liam likes to escape! It's kind of a pain for the rest of us, but his safety is what matters!

LEXIE: "I would change jumping on sofas and beds!" Mom Thoughts: They totally broke our couch doing just that.

DYLAN: "Let me think. To let me play basketball in the house. I mean...I don't know." Mom Thoughts: You already do.

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Are you a good friend? Why or why not?

LIAM: "Uh, yeah." Mom Thoughts: He is when he doesn't pinch cheeks!

LILY: "Yes. Am I? Because I'm nice and I take care of animals and I care for people, too. And I'm cute." Mom Thoughts: She definitely is cute!

LEXIE: "I guess, because I help people and animals." Mom Thoughts: She most definitely is a good friend!

DYLAN: "Yes, because I care for people and help people." Mom Thoughts: He drives me crazy, but he really does!


Where is your favorite place in the whole world? 

LIAM: "Haha! Lily!" Mom Thoughts: Remind me to conduct these interviews separately next month!

LILY: "I'm going to say Lightning Bug. Because Bump-errrrrrr Caaarrrrrrs!" Mom Thoughts: She has been obsessed with The Lightning Bug since we went there for her birthday!

LEXIE: "Virginia Beach! Of course!" Mom Thoughts: Of course!

DYLAN: "Virginia Beach!" Mom Thoughts: Good thing we're going there on Saturday!

The Kids Behind The Blog

If you could invent anything in the world, what would it be? 

LIAM: "Mom." *smooch* Mom Thoughts: Hmmmmm.....

LILY: "I don't know what you mean. I would make a castle. If I could. I would make a cage." Mom Thoughts: A castle and a cage are great options?!?

LEXIE: "A flying device, because then you could fly around wherever you like and you would have wings on you like a bird!" Mom Thoughts: I like it!

DYLAN: "I would invent a teleportation device." Mom Thoughts: Start working on that, buddy!

The Kids Behind The Blog

What are you most excited about this year in school?

LIAM: "No. School. Bad! Bad!" Mom Thoughts: Don't believe him. The kid loves school!

LILY: "I'm very excited to go eat lunch in school!" Mom Thoughts: She really is! I, however, am going to miss those half days of school and having her home for lunch!

LEXIE: "Having to organize my locker!" Mom Thoughts: Nerds rule the world!

DYLAN: " I am most excited about being more independent, having more teachers, and not having the same kids in my class." Mom Thoughts: We had 7th grade orientation last night and poor Dylan looked so overwhelmed. I'm glad he's excited!

The Kids Behind The Blog Monthly Interview

Next month when I share The Kids Behind The Blog interview, Liam will be FOUR! These kids of mine need to stop growing up so fast!

Now excuse me while I cry as I try to fit in swimming, basketball, two days of preschool, 10 loads of laundry, packing for vacation, preparing for Liam's birthday and writing five blog posts into the next three days!  I'm going to need all the luck I can get!

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  1. I love Liam's answers. He cracks me up. And the things that Dylan is looking forward to are great.

    1. He is such a stinker! And don't be fooled...he actually loves school!

  2. I don't even know where to start girl. How about no school. Bad, bad, bad! Lololol, oh Liam you make me smile. I could go for the teleportation device too and your nerds rule the world, best mom thought EVER!

    1. Liam's answer made me laugh! If only I knew what he was thinking about!!! And, yes, she is proud to be a nerd!

  3. I would like a teleportation device too please!

  4. I love this and I can't believe how big they are all getting.

  5. I love that Liam answered the first question with kisses! So sweet. You have four adorable kiddos!

  6. I could just listening to Liam talk forever, he's just the sweetest. Love the kids answers.

  7. First, your kids are so gorgeous! Love the pics of them! Lily's answers make me giggle, she would make a castle and a cage? Interesting LOL

  8. Lexie's invention is the best yet! Think of all you can see and do with wings!


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