Our Five Ring Circus: 5 Ways To Get Organized For School

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

5 Ways To Get Organized For School

Hello, I’m Keri and I am so excited to be sharing some ways to get organized for school with you today! As many have already started school and the rest of us are preparing to, all the moms are thinking about all things related to back to school. 

In the middle of school shopping and figuring out new schedules, this is the best time to think about how to get organized for school. Starting the school year off with these five organization methods in place, will help your school year be much smoother! 

Landing Zone

I am all about creating landing zones in our house. A landing zone is a home for a specific item. When you create landing zones and follow through with using them, there is less clutter and less wondering where your keys are. 

Create a landing zone for your kids bookbags. This will help relieve so much stress, because no mama likes tripping over bookbags. I love to use what I have to create landing zones, so look around your house. What can you use?  

Put the landing zone in a practical area. Our bookbags get hung up on the hooks by the front door. It makes sense because that is right where they walk in. 

After School Snacks

Kids come home from school  hungry! What are some snacks you can have on hand for them? What are some snacks you can easily send with them to take the after school care? While you are out buying pencils and book bags, also pick up some good after school snack options. 

You can even take time on the weekend, to prepare some after school snacks. Cut up some vegetables and have them ready in the fridge with hummus, make some cookies ahead of time, stock up on granola bars for the cabinet. 

Homework Station

No one is a fan of homework, but having a homework station can help lessen the stress. Put together a caddy of all the supplies your kids may need for homework. Basic essentials: sharpened pencils, colored pencils, ruler, paper, markers, and crayons are generally needed. Set the caddy in an easily accessible location. 

School Papers Plan

You are about to enter into the time when there is a constant flow of papers piling onto your counters. Decide now what system you will use. Will you file the papers? Keep them in a binder? Come up with a plan and explain it to your kids as well. From day one, use your plan and soon it will become second nature. 

I love to use clipboards that hang in our command center. It is so simple. Each child has a clipboard and it holds all of the current important papers. The papers that I will not referance as often get placed in a file folder in a little caddy. 


As school and sports kick into gear, mealtimes can become hectic. This is a great time to consider preparing some freezer meals for your family. Put together a basket of granola bars that can be grabbed last minute. Stock up on some paper plates for rushed meals. 

Are you ready to get organized for school? If you feel overwhelmed by these five things, pick one to tackle and then add in the others one at a time. 

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Keri lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and three kids. She loves to use her day-to-day life to encourage other moms to thrive in whatever season of life they are in. 


  1. It sounds like you have this down to a science girl. I hope y'all are having an amazing time soaking up the beach.

  2. Great tips!! I need a homework station stat!!

  3. I'm working on our command center this week. We have to have a "landing zone" for our busy weeks or I feel out of whack more times than not.


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