Our Five Ring Circus: What Mother's Day Means To Me

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What Mother's Day Means To Me

For the past 13 years, Mother's Day has been one of my favorite days of the year. It's not because I get a break from the chaos of life with four kids. It's because I get to celebrate motherhood, which is my most favorite thing, with the four beautiful blessings who made me a mom!


Having four kids was always one of my dreams. When people used to ask me how many kids I wanted, even at a young age, I answered with a firm four. My husband, however, was firmly on Team One - Maybe Two Kids.  I resigned myself to the fact that we would have two children and be done. We had Dylan and Lexie, and we did move on.

However, nearly four years later, we decided that maybe we should try for just one more, and just one more turned into two more. Just like that, we had exactly what I had always hoped for.  I can't even accurately express just how much my sweet little family means to me. They truly are my world!

Motherhood is toughest, yet most rewarding job I've ever had, and I try to celebrate it each and every day. Even on the days that leave me mentally and physically exhausted, or trudging to bed in tears, I still find a reason to be thankful. I always kiss my kids good night and count all the good things that happened before I close my eyes for the night.  And there sure is a LOT of good!

The key to surviving the chaos is to expect that there will be bad days and that you will make mistakes. The most important thing is to focus on the good and remember that even if you did make a mistake, tomorrow is a new day. And, thankfully, kids are resilient and forgiving, and incredibly loving. Kids learn and grow each day, just as we do as mothers.

I love being a mom, so Mother's Day is a day that I always look forward to. I love celebrating motherhood with my children and acknowledging all the moms who are so special to me! 

Mother's Day is just like any other day for me, but it's nice to get recognition for an often thankless job. Although my kids spoil me, I don't really get a complete break from motherhood on Mother's Day. In a family this big, there are still needs that have to be met, dishes to do, lunches to pack and messes to clean.

I don't mind it though! The one thing I don't ever, nor would I ever do, is leave my children on Mother's Day. I suppose I just don't understand the point of celebrating the day away from my children. I want to celebrate with the four people who made me a mom! That's what makes the day so special!

This Mother's Day was certainly special!

It all began on Friday, when I went into Lily's Kindergarten class for her Spring Fling.


When I arrived, she greeted me at the door with a yellow rose and showed me the bird house she lovingly decorated for me. We got our picture taken together and she decorated the frame so I could remember the day forever. We decorated flower crafts together and played games, including one where I got to turn her into a "flower" with post it notes!


It had such a special morning with my sweet girl. It's so hard to believe that her year in Kindergarten is nearly over. Time goes by too quickly!


She was so excited to see me and so proud to have me there. I just adore my sweet girl! My morning with Lily really made Mother's Day weekend get off to a great start!



On Saturday, we visited Grant's mom and grandma for a few hours. That evening, we headed into Pittsburgh to join Chick-fil-A at The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh for Hero Night-AKA a fun night to celebrate moms while giving back! (Check back for the full recap later this week!)


On Mother's Day, Grant and the kids let me sleep in until noon! I never sleep during the week, so it was amazing. My three older kids always make me brunch on Mother's Day, and bring it to my room so I can eat it in bed. I love that tradition!


I finally made my way to the living room and the kids practically pounced on me with their gifts. Out of everything, I treasure the gifts they make for me on their own or at school the most!

Mother's Day

Dylan wrote me the sweetest note (it was truly heart melting), and he made me a bracelet with beads and yarn. Lexie made me a really sweet card. Lily made me a bunch of cards and pictures, wrote me notes, filled Easter eggs with treats, and made me a small bowl and a clay heart ornament at school. Even Liam created the cutest keepsakes at school!

Mother's Day Gifts

In addition to the handmade gifts, each child usually picks out something for me at the store. This year, however, Grant and the kids gave me a gorgeous, personalized necklace with their names and birthstones on it. I was so surprised and I absolutely love it!


And can I just say that I hope he ALWAYS looks at me this way?!? My goodness, how I love him! The statement is true about Down syndrome: There's nothing down about it!


I absolutely adore being their mama!




We had a lazy afternoon before heading to my parent's house for dinner with my mom and dad. It was so nice to get a break from cooking, and as always, dinner and dessert was delicious! It was a great end to a wonderful day!


Back at home, reality kicked back in. I enjoyed the break while it lasted, but there were lunches to pack, kids to bathe, clothes to lay out and kids to tuck in.  Raising children doesn't pause on Mother's Day!

No matter how many tedious moments there are in motherhood, I feel incredibly blessed. One day, far too soon, I will be wishing back all these moments and wishing my kids were young again! This Mother's Day was simple, but perfect, thanks to the four beautiful souls that I am lucky enough to call my own!




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  1. You were made to be a Mama and what a great one you are to your 4 sweet kids!!!

  2. You are an amazing mom! Happy Mother's Day, glad you had a great one.

  3. You are probably the Supermom-est Mom I know! You do SO incredibly much for your kids every day... I'm so glad that you had a wonderful day on Sunday. You deserve it!

  4. You are one amazing mom and your kids are so lucky to be loved by you!! What a great Mother's Day. Such special gifts and smiles.

  5. So sweet friend. I am totally agreeing with everyone else. You have some serious super mom skills friend. Glad you had a wonderful day with your crew.

  6. You are such a great momma! And your day sounds like it was near perfection!
    The necklace is gorgeous, what a beautiful gift!

  7. I love the Mother's Day necklace that you got. I knew I wanted two kids, but after twins happened, I threw around the idea of having another, but we still haven't. I love that you have four kids and your heart is so full!

  8. Very sweet, sounds like the perfect Mother's Day!


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