Our Five Ring Circus: The Gift of Time + JORD Watch Instant Giveaway

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Gift of Time + JORD Watch Instant Giveaway

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by JORD. I received product in exchange for my honest review. I loved JORD prior to receiving the product and all images and opinions are 100% my own.

As Christmas draws closer, I always go into panic mode as time rapidly ticks by. There are those on my list who are so easy to shop for. Their gifts are already bought and wrapped, and absolutely perfect for them. But I always struggle to find the perfect gift for a few of my loved ones.

Each year, I search for the perfect gift for my dad and nothing seems right. My dad is very practical and not the least bit extravagant. He isn't one to spoil himself and he always says that he doesn't need anything more than the basic necessities. I try every year, but I can never find the perfect gift. He's an amazing dad and an even more amazing grandpa. He deserves something extra special!


My dad grew up in a large family that didn't have much money. He started working to help out when he was younger than my own son. As a mother, that makes my heart ache, but he did what he had to do, and he never stopped. He attempted early retirement, but quickly grew bored and realized that extra income would be nice. A decade later, he attempted retirement again with the same result.

At the age of 76, my dad is still a dependable, hard-working man. I really do wish I could give him the gift of retirement and relaxation, but that isn't the right fit for him. Working hard was drilled into him at such a young age and it became part of who he is. He needs to be doing something in order to stay happy, and to be perfectly honest, I do believe it keeps his mind sharp.

That being said, my dad deserves something really special this year. He buys himself whatever he needs when he needs it, and I don't want to give him something he would typically buy. I want his gift to mean something to him. Not only is he my rock, but he's also the BEST grandfather my kids could ever ask for.  

I know everybody says that, but it's true. When my dad sees his grandchildren, his eyes light up. His love for them is immediately evident and the feeling is mutual. They all have a bond that can't be broken. I often think that he is Liam's most favorite person. Perhaps it's because they bonded from the moment they met. When I dropped the bombshell on my parents when they walked into the delivery room, my dad's only response was, "Where's my grandson? I want to meet him." And when they met, tears filled his eyes, he smiled down at Liam and declared, "He's perfect. I don't see Down syndrome. I just see my grandson."

 A small part of me is jealous of the relationship my kids have with my dad because I never had that growing up. One of my grandfathers passed away when I was very young and my other grandfather lived very far away. My kids are incredibly lucky to have a doting grandfather whom they are able to visit twice a week!

When I was a child, my dad gave me the gift of time spent with him. He filled my weekends with incredible experiences. He took me hiking, we visited new towns and we explored museums and zoos. I have the most amazing memories of our adventures together and now my own children are making the same memories.

Every weekend, my dad does something special with one of my children.  They alternate their weekends sleeping over at Papa and Nina's house so they each get a turn. He takes them to breakfast or lunch on their weekend and buys them a little gift. Once a month, they go on a bigger outing. He takes Dylan fishing, he takes Lexie to a nearby farm to visit the animals, and he takes Lily to the zoo. They always return home with huge smiles and souvenirs from their adventure. My dad is now giving my kids the gift of time spent with him and I know those memories are going to last a lifetime.

As I get older, it is becoming more evident that time is not a guarantee. The harsh reality is that my dad is going to be 77 and the impact of that takes my breath away. I fervently wish that he has twenty more years with us, but there's simply no guarantee for any of us. Time is never on our side. There's not enough time to tackle that to do list. There's not enough time to get everything done. There's not enough time spent in this world. And there's certainly not enough time to spend with those we love most.

This Christmas, I want to thank my dad for giving me and my children so much of his precious time by giving him the gift of time.  

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A stunning wood watch from JORD is the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list and it's the perfect gift for my dad.


The watch I chose for my dad looks like it was custom made for him! I chose the Dark Sandalwood & Burgundy watch from the Conway series. It just reminded me so much of him. Burgundy is a color my dad always seemed to wear and the beautiful wood reminds me of all the years he spent wood working. From the gorgeous custom bed my dad built for me as a child to the wooden spoons that now sit in my utensil jar, my dad loved to create anything and everything from wood!


The face of the watch displays hours, minutes, seconds and the date. I thought this was the perfect feature for a man with a military background. He is always prompt and on time!


Although the watch is made out of wood, it is splash proof (but should not be submerged) which makes it a perfect choice for everyday use. It's a beautiful, versatile watch that is suitable for everyday wear and fancier occasions.


A wood watch from JORD can be sized prior to shipping for a small, additional fee. Finding the correct size can be done by using a tape measure or the JORD Wrist Sizer, which is a tool that you can download and print. Or you can simply take the watch to a local jeweler or watch shop if it needs to be sized.


JORD is now offering a NEW way to customize their already gorgeous watches! I am so excited about this option. JORD now offers wood engraving on their watch box and watch engraving on certain styles! Everybody loves an engraved gift because it makes it so much more personal.


The cedar box that the watch arrives in is already beautiful enough, but now it can be customized with a special note, quote, monogram, logo or handwritten message for $45. You have the option to choose block or script engraving to make this gift more personal.


Personalized engraving is now available on certain watch styles for $35. (Fieldcrest, Reece, Frankie35, Frankie, and Conway series.) The special message gets engraved on the backplate in either block or script engraving. I knew this was the perfect option to make my dad's watch even more special! Since he spends so much of his time with his beloved grandchildren, I opted for this message: "Love you, Papa! Love, DALL" (Dylan, Alexandria, Liliana and Liam.) 


I know this is going to be an extra special gift for my dad this year! Now he will have a reminder of his grandchildren (and their love for him) with him at all times!  



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The Gift of Time + Instant Giveaway from JORD

My dad's gift this year is a token of all the time we spent together and a reminder to always make the most of all the time we have left! We can't WAIT to give it to him for Christmas! 



Thank you to JORD for sponsoring today's post and helping us give an incredibly memorable Christmas gift!


  1. You talking about your Dad made me tear up! He sounds amazing and he will love that gorgeous watch!! xo

  2. Oh friend this is just so sweet. I love that you had the watch engraved too.

  3. I love this! What wonderful words about your sweet Daddy. And I love the watch you chose for him... it's perfect!

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