Our Five Ring Circus: NINE

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Happy 9th Birthday to my sweet, smart, kind, loving, and absolutely beautiful Alexandria Elizabeth!  


I truly can't believe Lexie's already 9, yet here we are, just one year away from double digits! (Hold me!) I am so blessed to have this special girl in my life and I am honored to be her mother!

Last night, we gave Lexie a new pair of pajamas, and we tucked our 8 year old into bed. While she slept, I prepared for her birthday.  I wrapped gifts, wrote my 9th birthday letter to her, put up some decorations, decorated her seat at the table, filled her room with balloons, and put a new birthday outfit on a hanger to greet her in the morning!

Birthday Traditions

Lexie only missed one day of school this year and on that day, we had to beg her to stay home.  We gave her the option to stay home today (SHHHH!) and she decided that she wanted to miss school. She was most excited about seeing her former preschool teachers during Lily's preschool drop-off, and helping Liam's therapists during his OT and Speech sessions!

After Dylan headed to school, Lexie and I were able to quietly celebrate her birthday while her younger siblings slept. It was such a sweet, peaceful moment with her.  I presented her with our traditional birthday donuts and sang "Happy Birthday" as quietly as I possibly could!

Birthday Donuts

Mondays are a very busy day for us. Between preschool drop-off and pick-up, two therapy sessions, and baking a cake, the day flew by!  Lexie was just happy to be there for our Monday routine and spend time with Lily, Liam, and I.


Later in the afternoon, Lexie was surprised by a visit from her Grandma!


While MaNa was still here, her Papa showed up with flowers for his little princess.  Her face lit up!


After everyone left, Lexie officially turned 9 years old!  We documented it with a quick birthday photoshoot.  I'm going to save the rest of those pictures for another post!


Grant finally arrived home from work, and we all went out for Lexie's birthday dinner.  She chose Taco Bell this year!


Lexie waited so patiently to open her gifts all day.  As soon as we got home, it was time for the big moment she had been waiting for! 

Gifts from siblings came first.

Gifts from siblings

Then her gift from mommy and daddy. She was a very happy little girl!

039 copy

The cake that we baked together was next on our list of festivities. She smiled so sweetly as her entire family sang "Happy Birthday" to her!

Birthday Cake

We usually have Family Movie Night on Monday nights, but we didn't have enough time tonight.  Instead, Lexie got to pick two episodes to watch with us from her favorite show: Jessie!


We surprised her with a new pair of pajamas as one final gift, then tucked our NINE year old into bed!


Lexie said she had an amazing birthday. I know I had a wonderful day celebrating the birthday of my first baby girl.  My birthday wish for my sweet girl is that she lives a long, healthy, prosperous life full of love and happiness!

Happy 9th Birthday, Lexie Bean! You are unbelievably beautiful, inside and out. I love you to the moon and back a million times and again.




  1. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! Sounds like such a fun day! I love that you let her play hooky from school to enjoy the day with her!

    1. Thank you so much! She only missed one day of school this year, so she deserved a little break!

  2. Awe, she is so pretty! Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy, Happy, Happy (Be-lated) Birthday, sweet Lexie! Your blog posts always make me cry sentimental tears!

  4. She is so beautiful. Happy birthday!!!

  5. Happy ninth! I hope she had an excellent birthday.

  6. That first picture of Lexie is beautiful. You need to frame it. I can't believe you have a 9 year old! So crazy. You are very blessed!!!

  7. Happy birthday to one sweet girl!


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