Our Five Ring Circus: Pumpkins in the Patch

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkins in the Patch

On October 19th, we decided to take advantage of the sunny Fall day, and go to the Pumpkin Patch!

PicMonkey Collage4

We met up with Amber, Rex, Audrey, and Jack, and waited in line for the the hayride with them.

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Luckily, we didn't have to wait long.  We got free apples as we boarded the wagon, and enjoyed them on the bumpy ride up to the patch!

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PicMonkey Collage26

When we got to the top, the kids wanted to go through the big corn maze first!

PicMonkey Collage28
PicMonkey Collage5

After they raced through it a few times, we headed into the pumpkin patch.

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We found our perfect family pumpkin!  At nearly 32 pounds, it was over double Liam's weight!


Before long, it was time to get back in line to ride the hayride back down to the farm.

PicMonkey Collage23

We got back on the wagon, and waved to our friend, Steph, and her family, as our wagons crossed paths!

PicMonkey Collage18
PicMonkey Collage12

We attempted to recreate this picture from last year:


He wasn't as cooperative this year, although he's still one of the smallest pumpkins in the patch!


When we got back to the farm, we let the kids play in the straw playground.  I swear, we just need to fill our yard with bales of hay.  Cheap, and they have so much fun!

PicMonkey Collage25
PicMonkey Collage24
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 PicMonkey Collage13
PicMonkey Collage11

Before leaving, we took the kids pictures in front of the Shenot's Farm sign.  They are growing so quickly!

PicMonkey Collage15
PicMonkey Collage16
PicMonkey Collage17

We had another fun year at the pumpkin patch!

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