Our Five Ring Circus: For Brrrrrr

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

For Brrrrrr

Once upon a time, I met a sweet girl named Amber.

I had just started to date Grant, and he introduced me to all his friends.  Amber was one of them.  A year after we met, we went on an adventurous road trip to Ocean City, Maryland! Memories were made.

Soon after that, Amber showed me what an amazing soul she had.

Her first random act of kindness was a year after I met her.  I was underage when I got married and my older sisters didn't throw me a bachelorette party.  Amber was one of the friends who pitched in and gave me a party. I will never forget that. I didn't know her too well or for very long, but she made sure I had a party. 

After that, we drifted apart.  I was busy settling into married life and she was dealing with some really difficult issues.  We didn't have much time to spend together.  To this day, I feel bad that I wasn't more present during her difficult time.

I am so glad we grew closer years later. She is my person. The rest is history.

It is said that a child is often the best judge of character.  And my children adore their Brrrrrr.

Here are just a few of the selfless things Amber has done that meant the world to me:

She spent hours of our family vacation holding my sick baby on the beach.  It was our first beach vacation in years and Lily got sick.  Amber willingly held her so I could enjoy some of our trip.


She was one of the first people to meet Liam and loved him from day one.


When Liam was hospitalized, she showed up to visit.  She was there for quite possibly the scariest day of our lives.  She held our sweet boy as he screamed for hours because he couldn't eat before his procedure. She was there to distract us while he was in the OR.


We walked together several days a week, and it was so therapeutic. I loved our talks. Lily always joined us on our walks, and later, Liam came, too.  She even dove in and saved Liam from a head hitting the pavement incident.


She is always there for big life events, including every birthday!


The love my children have for her is evident.


She is the baby whisperer.


She never fails to put Liam to sleep.  I have countless pictures of her holding my sleeping baby boy.


As you can see, Amber is very loved and such an important part of my life!

Happy Birthday, sweet friend.  I wasn't sure what to get you for your birthday, so I settled on a tribute to you.  I'm looking forward to an OG birthday dinner date full of laughs and Black Tie Mousse Cake.  I love you!!!



  1. what a beautiful post for your friend and I've got to admit, she's got the best name ;)

  2. What a great friend! Glad you have her and she has you.

  3. I love you and your family to death!!! You have been there through difficult times.. never sell yourself short with me:) Just be my person forever and we're golden. ;) Thanks for all the kind words and fat to skinny pics l...lmao

  4. What a sweet tribute! Your friend is amazing...just like you! Love that you have such a very special relationship.


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