Our Five Ring Circus: Cookies and Ornaments with Santa

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cookies and Ornaments with Santa

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon at our township building for a fun holiday event! We met up with Tracy, Logan, and Charlie, because everything is much more fun with friends.  The kids got to decorate (and eat!) sugar cookies, make ornaments, and visit with Santa!

Right after we arrived, Dylan, Lexie, and Lily joined Charlie and Logan at a table, and they decorated their cookies.  Lots of sprinkles for all of them!


After they ate their cookies, we got in line to see Santa.  They had a photographer taking pictures, and everybody that attended is going to receive a free Santa picture in the mail.  I couldn't help but sneak in a few shots of my own as they posed for the photographer! (Black and White picture taken by Tracy...I love Liam's sweet little face!)

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Lily loves Santa so much!  After I picked up Liam, and Dylan and Lexie moved aside to get candy canes from Mrs. Claus, Lily leaned back, and stuck her thumb in her mouth.  She just wanted to relax in his arms!


I eventually convinced her to get up, and move to another table to make ornaments.


They had so much fun and can't wait to do it again next year!  I can't wait to see the posed Santa picture!!!


This year, we have been teaching the kids about the true meaning of Christmas.  Growing up, I performed in The Boarshead Festival, with my dad,  every Christmas. The Boarshead Festival is a musical that tells the story of the birth of Jesus.  I started at the age of 6 and performed in it until I was 18, and it is one of my favorite childhood memories.

Shortly after I met Grant, we went to see it.  It was so strange being in the audience for the first time! We haven't gone back since then.  Saturday evening, we met my parents, and my Aunt Carol and Uncle Bill, and went to see it!

I was so excited to share a piece of my childhood with my children, and it was the perfect way for them to truly realize what Christmas is all about.  They all loved it, including Liam!  It was a walk down memory lane, and I found myself tearing up several times during the production.  Now all Dylan and Lexie can talk about is performing in it next year!

I wasn't permitted to take pictures, so here are a few from the church's website:


It was an amazing day full of Christmas spirit!


  1. sounds like a fun day!!!

    that performance sounds amazing!!

  2. I can't express how much I love reading and looking at your posts! They always make me smile. You guys are such GREAT parents and your family is PERFECT. I hope you guys have a great Christmas! xo

  3. I love how much time you all spend together and always have a great time. I love reading your posts.

  4. Cute shots! My kids had so much fun in the afternoon, Charlie keeps saying "I wanna do it again Mommy!"

  5. Oh my gosh the black and white shot is great!! Love that you guys saw a performance to show them the true meaning of Christmas, we go every year to our church performances and love it!
    Merry Christmas!!

  6. I have also being to share the true meaning of Christmas with my boys. We have always touched on it. But with maturity, they can understand more and more. Thank you for sharing your experience. Its really cool that you were able to share your childhood memory of being in the Festival with your children.

  7. Fun day for sure! I need to get moving on some Christmas projects! I feel like work and school have been so crazy, but am done with school for the semester. Time to get on it!!
    Great pics as usual!


  8. i love seeing all these adorable smiles!

  9. So sweet she just wanted to stay with Santa. Looks like a wonderful day and a great program to help them remember the true meaning of Christmas.

  10. What a fun day!! We did something similar at our local YMCA and the kids loved it!



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