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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You May Not Know...

A few random things you may not know about me:

*I can't stand to have the TV on all day.  As soon as the kids go to school, I turn it off.  Lily doesn't watch any TV yet.  The only time I watch it is when I run on the treadmill and when my husband and I hang out at night. TV background noise drives me CRAZY!

*I was a vegetarian from the time I was 8 years old until I was 21 years old.  I do eat some meat now, but avoid most of it.  Poultry and pork is it for me!

*I am a really fast reader.  I used to be able to easily finish a book in a few hours.  Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't leave much time for that anymore.  I also type really fast.  Often faster than my thoughts flow out!

*I am usually on the go from the time I wake up until the time the kids go to bed.  Even if I feel tired, I still have a lot of energy.  I have a difficult time sitting still!

*I don't drink.  I despise the taste of alcohol, and I hate the way it makes me feel. 1-2 drinks a year, tops, is my limit!

*I love musical theater.  Before we had kids, Grant and I performed in many shows together.  There is no time for that anymore, but I have to say, I really miss it!  I get my fill by singing along to soundtracks in the car!

*As a teenager/young adult, I rode my horse every single day.  Even when it was below zero, above 100 degrees, and even with a concussion and with my ankle in a brace!  I can't even tell you the last time I rode my horse.  It is very difficult to coordinate a good time for me to go to the stable alone to ride.  I always say that when my children are adults, I will buy another horse and begin riding every day again!

*I have a very low pain tolerance and a bad tolerance to medication.  Half a dose of my migraine medication gives me the jitters.

*I get very anxious when I have to drive on snow-covered roads.  I used to be okay with it until about 10 years ago, when Grant and I got stuck in a blizzard, driving home from Virginia.  Driving through the mountains, in a state that was technically shut down due to bad weather, was a terrifying experience.  By the time we made it anywhere near a hotel, we were almost home, so we kept going.  To this day, I get nauseous and shaky when the snow sticks to the roads!

*I constantly worry about my kids.  Constantly.

*I am very OCD about having the house cleaned up.  Clutter drives me crazy.  It is a constant battle keeping it the way I prefer!

*I did very well in school. I always carried a GPA above 4.0. Learning came easily to me.  Many people can't believe that I didn't end up with a huge career.  I, however, consider my current job pretty incredible.  Money would be nice, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I do keep my mind active, though.  I always stay on top of current events, research many things, and try to read and do a crossword puzzle every day.  I have to nurture my inner nerd! 

*I love dolphins.  Swimming with them on our honeymoon was an amazing experience.

*I despise gory movies.  Just watching them makes me sick to my stomach!

*I have a really hard time telling people no (except my kids...ha!).  I need to work on that. 

*I get light-headed when I see a lot of blood or a bad injury.  Quite often, I pass out.  This doesn't work out very well when you have kids!

*My favorite place in the world is the beach.  I don't get there often enough.

*I am almost always cold.  My feet and hands are always freezing.  I hate central air conditioning.  Even in the summer, I need a sweater or sweatshirt if I'm in AC or after it gets dark.

And there you have it!  A rare occasion where I actually talked more about myself than my kids!


  1. Can I have some of your energy? LOL

    This was very neat! Thanks for sharing!

    And, I am the complete opposite on the tv ...I hate silence so my TV is always on just for the noise!

    I love this post!

  2. Love. We are two peas in a pod! :)

  3. So many of the things on your list are just like me!!! HA!

  4. can I get some of that energy from you?! I used to ride every day as well, I really miss it!!

  5. This was so fun!! I don't like the TV on all day either-- I have enough noise when my kids are home, I am good with some quiet.

    How fun that both you and your husband performed together. I was in plays in high school but haven't done anything since then.

    Scary movies didn't use to bother me but now I just really don't like them and never watch them anymore.


  6. What a fun list! That's awesome that you were in theater. That's something I've always dreamed of doing. :)

  7. I hope that you can get some time for you and your horse soon - what a wonderful way to get some free therapy and relax, right?

  8. I love posts like this!
    Logan is about to be in Guys & Dolls in February ~ I hope he continues on with this choir/play stuff! It's so neat to watch!
    I am a silent at home girl, too. I don't love the TV & my husband does.
    I'm so glad you shared with us! Have a good day!

  9. Loved learning more about you! I'm always freezing and I used to be able to read a book in a day...not so much anymore. HAHA! I can read a mean Dr. Suess book in 20 seconds flat though. =)

  10. What fun facts! I could totally live on veggies alone. I am the same way, totally OCD and nonstop energy.

  11. Fun post! Clutter drives me crazy too! And it seems to be taking over my house lately!

  12. You can read a book in a few hours? That is intense!!!! I'm always cold too. It's ridiculous! I can't leave home without a cover of some sort either. A/C kills me!

  13. fun post - makes me want to do something similar!

    I'm surprised you don't need a drink at the end of the day after all you do ;) ha

    I'm with you on tv background noise - a pet peeve of mine also!!

  14. fun post - makes me want to do something similar!

    I'm surprised you don't need a drink at the end of the day after all you do ;) ha

    I'm with you on tv background noise - a pet peeve of mine also!!

  15. A great day to say hello!
    I'm also one who is always cold and doens't get to the beach near enough. Bet if I got to the beach more often I wouldn't need migraine meds so often :) Headaches stink!

  16. I think it is so cool that you and Grant did musical theatre together back in the day. I also have a low pain tolerance and bad tolerance to pain meds...I am lucky not to be in pain or have to take medication very often!

  17. We really have a lot in common! I love meat though, don't mind blood (it's barf and diarrhea I can't handle!) I'm rarely cold, and meds don't bother me. What I really wish for is a slice of your OCD and energy!! And we must find a way to get you out on that horse! I bet he misses you too. As for acting, I miss playing my flute and piccolo just as much. And I will continue to not be bothered about driving in the snow even after being hit by a semi. Thanks for sharing you - great post!!

  18. As I read this post {last week} I kept thinking, "Yep, me too." and "Wow. I didn't know that."

    I'm the opposite about the tv most times. I like the background noise...even if it's a music channel.

    Totally the same about reading! Goes for me with typing too!

    very low pain tolerance and medication too!

    I have white knuckles and pray out loud a lot when driving in the snow! I obviously blame mine on growing up in the desert.
    Gory movies are a no go for me. Not even a little bit. Same with scary.

    4.0 here too, sister! high school and college


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