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Monday, January 14, 2013

Life Lately

*Grant and I just finished watching both seasons of Homeland.  We were hooked from the first episode!   It is such a great show.  I can't wait for it to start back up.  Unfortunately, it's a long wait!

*Les Miserables is AMAZING!  If you haven't seen it...GO!  We had front row center seats to the broadway show, so I did not expect the movie to live up to that experience.  It did.  I cried from the beginning to the end, and afterward while talking about it!  Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway deserve to win the Oscars.

*I was given a half-pack of Target brand diapers for Lily, so I decided to use them.  I have never used anything on her other than Pampers and Huggies.  Within hours of wearing the first diaper, she ended up with a diaper rash.  The diaper rash continued for the next few days, but went away after I stopped using them.  I won't be using those again!

*Lexie's storytime winter session began at the library last week.  Our library has a wonderful kids program.  Because I'm crazy, I decided to sign Lily up for Story Tots the following morning.   It was worth it, though.  She actually participated!

*Grant and I got a Keurig, along with the K-cup storage drawer it sits on, and a reusable K-cup for Christmas.  We're slightly obsessed.

*As of January 8th, I have had my horse for 20 years.  That's just crazy!  We basically grew up together.  I really wish I was able to spend more time with him.  It would be so much easier if we had property so he could live at our house.

*Lexie has decided to quit gymnastics after this year and focus on ballet. 

*Dylan has to get a mole removed soon.  I haven't made the appointment yet, because I'm dreading it.  My sisters have had moles removed, and they are miserable afterward.  He definitely has to have it done before baseball season, so it has time to heal.

*Lexie's eczema has flared up again.  She has a horrible patch on her bum, and I feel so bad for her.  We have an eczema lotion and a mild cream to treat it, but she's probably going to need something stronger again.

*I have to get new tires put on the SUV today.  It is so expensive, but it needs done.  We're probably going to be replacing my SUV in late summer, and I'm going to miss it! 

*Birthday party season is in full force.  I think we have a party every weekend until March!!!


  1. I've had moles removed and it was painless and the healing wasn't bad either. Hoping Dylan's experience is the same as mine!

  2. Our lives are seriously just too parallel. We LOVED Les Miz, started library group last week, got a new keurig (our old one pooped out and they sent us a new one free of charge!!), and we had Drew's bday party. Ok so we don't have a horse but I WANT one!! You should do a post on your horse... would love to see it!

  3. Breanna got horrible diaper rash w Target diapers too!

    Oh isn't the Keurig the best! I still need to get a drawer tho!

    Hope Dylan recovers quickly from that surgery...my mom had to get a few removed and I probably should look into that too!

  4. I'm a total pampers snob. I just love how they fit and knowing I have coupons for them. I LOVE my Keurig. I do sometimes use it to make coffee but most of the time I just use it to have the perfect amount of hot water for my tea or hot chocolate without the price of kcups.

  5. So strange how kids react differently to diapers. We've used Target brand since Han was a baby and never had any problems. Noah seems to have rashed from major brands more. And neither boy really have rashes when we use cloth diapers!

    Which model Keurig do you have? I got a $100 gift card Christmas that I want to use toward one but I'm not sure which to get!

  6. I bet Lily was so cute at story time! Our old library was awesome... our new one, not so much. I miss going! I hope Dylan's mole end up not bothering him much! I had one cut out of my leg and it didn't end up a big deal. I like thinking of baseball season coming up... I'm ready for spring already :)

  7. Aw, Mackenzie has an excema outbreak on her arms right now. She doesn't seem bothered by it, thankfully! I hate when it's on her bottom!

  8. I have heard so much about Homeland. I want to start watching a series withe Glenn and I've also heard 'Friday Night Lights' is really good so that may be first. Good luck with all the party planning.

  9. January = Busy!!
    I hate to buy tires, also! But a life's necessity! Unless we ride a horse!
    I didn't know you had a horse! 20 years! One day we will both live on lots of land & have tons of animals! I can feel it!
    Have a wonderful week, my blog friend!

  10. I hate putting new tires on vehicles. $$$$= boo!
    Happy Anniversary to you and the horse! Did you do anything special to celebrate? Like have a carrot? Apple!?!

  11. Ugh I hate the thought of buying SUV tires already! Lol but the good ones are necessary. We also deal with excema. Little girls at ballet are so adorable! I loved gymnastics though! I loved Huggies more than any other diaper last time and am just as happy with them this time around!

  12. I got Jdaddy a Keurig for Christmas (I don't drink coffee) and he absolutely loves it. I'm glad it was a good purchase for you guys too!

    Good to know on those Target diapers. A lot of people rave about them. I was tempted to try them, but I might wait a little while.

  13. I didn't know you even had a horse!! Busy busy as always :)

  14. I hate spending money on maintenance crap.. especially tires. Ugh! I feel your pain though.

  15. I only ever used Huggies with my boys! I want a Keurig...my hubby says no because I don't drink coffee enough:) This isn't normally busy birthday season for us, but we have 3 parties this weekend!

  16. It's so cool that you've been able to keep your horse all these years!

  17. I love Les Miserables too! But hubby cant stand the first few minutes of it. He's not much into musical. Poor Lily's :( Diaper-rash is no FUN at all. I have not had any of my moles removed, I hope that Dyl's won't be painful. Hope that Lex's eczema will so away soon. We also have two birthday parties to attend too this Feb.

    Hope you are having a great week sis!


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