Our Five Ring Circus: Teaching Little Learners One Book At A Time

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Teaching Little Learners One Book At A Time

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I received these books for free from Moms Meet for my honest review. Compensation for this post was provided, and this post may contain affiliate links.

Coen has been in quarantine for 1/3 of his life. ONE THIRD. There are so many valuable learning experiences he missed out on over the past 6 months, like visits to the library, having hands-on experiences at museums, exploring favorite spots in our city, and discovering animals at the zoo. One thing he did not miss out on, however, was reading. At 17 months old, Coen absolutely loves books, and happily flips through books every single day!

During those 6 months of social distancing, Coen flipped through every children's book in our house (and we have a lot) from cover to cover. We read to him multiple times a day, but lately, it seemed like it was the same books on repeat. We also had to remove some books from his collection, because he was ripping the pages. It was time to update his bookshelf with some sturdy board books that would pique his interest!

The Priddy Books Early Learning Collection arrived at the perfect time! Priddy Books, who is currently celebrating their 20th anniversary, publishes unique books for babies, toddlers, and young children that help boost their development. We already own quite a few beloved titles from their Alphaprints series, Touch and Feel Series, and See Touch Feel series, so we were excited to add some new favorites to our collection!

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The Priddy Books Early Learning Collection

Priddy Books Early Learning Collection

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First 100 Numbers

This colorful book teaches the first 100 numbers in a fun way! Coen is very interested in counting right now, and the playful pictures make counting fun. The book is very interactive, asking questions like "How many trains can you count?" It also teaches basic sequencing concepts like which number comes next, which number is missing, and which number is different, and introduces more/less/same in ways that are easy to understand. The book ends with coutning to 50, then counting to 100, so it has the ability to grow with Coen!


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Alphaprints: Colors

Coen loves the Alphaprints series, so he was really excited about the big pages that have embossed texture and metallic colors. It introduces the 7 basic colors through adorable animals and bugs made from everyday items. For instance, the snake is made from a slinky, and the spider's legs are pencils. The pictures are very unique, and Coen loves the fingerprint texture!

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Touch and Feel Baby Animals

Coen loves the Touch and Feel series, so he was a big fan of this new book! This sweet, rhyming story introduces baby animals in an interactive way. Coen loves feeling the different textures on each baby animal, and showing off his animal sounds!

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See, Touch, Feel

As a parent, I love interactive books! This sensory-filled book quickly became Coen's new favorite! It's a colorful book with fun raised textures, finger trails, a xylophone that makes sound, a drum to tap, a bear to pet, and - his favorite part - a mirror to look into! It teaches colors, sizes, textures, sounds, and shapes in such a fun way while strengthening fine and gross motor skills. This book is highly recommended! 

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My First Play and Learn Farm

This book is a lot of fun! It comes with reusable play pieces (peel off the backing on each piece), and it can grow with your child. It's perfect for both learning and independent play. It's a fully interactive book that encourages matching of animals, colors, animal by-products, and fruits and vegetables. It teaches simple patterns and grouping as well. It's a great learning tool!

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Big brother, Liam, who has extra needs, loves this book, too. He had so much fun verbally labeling everything as he played, which allowed us to work on speech in a unique way! I love it when I can find books that more than one child can enjoy.

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Coen also enjoyed his freebies - 3 more titles in the Touch and Feel series! I can tell all of these books are going to be well loved for years to come.

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These books are available for purchase on Amazon

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I'm going to be honest...when my older kids were learning remotely at home, I didn't have much time to work with Coen like I normally would after a first birthday. We read to him, and he watched his older siblings closely, and apparently that was enough. When I sat down with Coen to explore his new books, I was truly shocked at how much he knew. He was trying to count, he repeated what I said, he knew a lot of his animal sounds, and he accurately matched items without any help. Quality children's books are such a valuable learning tool, and I'm so happy we have a few new ones in our collection!

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Teaching Little Learners One Book At A Time - Priddy Books Early Learning Collection review

Do you have any books from Priddy Books?

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