Our Five Ring Circus: Five Favorite Aldi Finds Of The Week

Friday, June 19, 2020

Five Favorite Aldi Finds Of The Week

Favorite Aldi Finds

I'm going to be completely honest - I avoided Aldi for so many years! Family members and friends would tell me how great it was, but I refused to try something different. One of my best friends finally dragged me to Aldi for gluten-free snacks after Liam was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and from that moment on, I was hooked!

I absolutely love Aldi now! Prior to the pandemic, I stopped in once a week, but now I go every other week. I still shop at other stores, but I get at least half of our groceries from Aldi. Shopping there for a big family truly saves us so much money each week, and we have found so many foods and snacks that we love. There are always some fun extras that come home with me, too!

It has been a while since I shared a favorites post, but this one was inspired by my fun finds this week. I ran to Aldi for vanilla almond milk, tea, and popsicles, and came home with so much more! (Isn't that how it always goes?)

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Here are my fun finds from Aldi this week..

DISC SWING  - $9.99

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Last year, I bought a disc swing for my kids, and hung it on a tree branch in our yard. I attached it directly to the branch, and the kids loved it so much that they used it all the time! (Even Lexie!) The rope started to wear down, and last week, it finally snapped. My kids were so bummed, so Grant promised to re-string it with new rope this weekend. I spotted a bunch at Aldi, and figured that I couldn't pass it up at that price! Lily and Liam were thrilled to have their favorite swing back!

TEA BALL - $2.99

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(Grainy picture of my almost gone middle of the night hot tea, because I totally forgot to take a picture!) Everybody in our house loves tea! Hot tea AND Iced Tea of all flavors. I have a bunch of loose leaf teas that I love, and somehow, we never have enough tea balls. I found this one, and couldn't pass it up! I kind of wish I would have bought the cat and owl ones, too!


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Outdoor toys for toddlers and kids

We still have the bubble mower from when Dylan was a toddler, but it hasn't blown out bubbles for many years. I wanted to buy a new one for Liam earlier this year, but never made the purchase. I couldn't pass it up for $12.99, and it works GREAT! Liam loves it so much, and zooms around the yard with it, while Coen chases behind, catching the bubbles!

SUCCULENTS - $1.99 each


One of the things I got into while social distancing is gardening! I've always had great luck with African Violets, but killed almost every other plant. Now, I'm growing everything, indoors and outdoors, and I keep adding succulents and ivy to my growing collection. I spotted these succulents while I was checking out, and brought them home with me. Now I'm just waiting on new planters arriving from Amazon!

GLIDER - $49.99

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When I was growing up, my grandma lived next door, and she was like a second mother to me. I spent so much time with her, and one of my favorite memories is sitting with her on the glider on her back porch. We would just glide, snuggle, and talk. After 20 years of gliding together, she passed away, and I miss her every single day. I've been talking about buying a glider for our back porch for a few years, but never got around to it. This year, I decided to buy one for my birthday, but shipping on them was delayed due to the pandemic. I spotted this extremely inexpensive glider, and it was a complete impulse buy. It's surprisingly nice, though! It isn't padded, but it's comfortable, and I love it. Even if it gets me through next year when I can upgrade, it will be worth it. My little boys love sitting on it with me and gliding, and it's bringing back so many memories of time spent with my grandma!

My shopping trips aren't usually this impulsive and expensive, but this week's finds were all things we really wanted or needed. The lower prices didn't make me feel too guilty, and I did use some of my birthday money to buy the glider! All five fun Aldi finds are worth it, and brought smiles to everyone in my family this week!

Are you and Aldi shopper? What is your favorite item? Have you found anything fun there lately?

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