Our Five Ring Circus: The Busyness of a Big Family

Monday, March 9, 2020

The Busyness of a Big Family

Big Family

I didn't really consider us a big family until baby #5 joined our world. Now that we're officially one year into having five children, I get it. I understand exactly why there aren't very many big family bloggers out there!

The issue is time. Or more accurately, the LACK of time. My day starts at 6 AM, and I literally don't get a break from parenting until my head hits the pillow at 11 PM (or later). And really, it doesn't end. I have a big problem with turning my thought process off so I can sleep!

I miss blogging. SO much. It was a part of my life for so long. I don't want to give it up just yet, and I have so many posts waiting in my queue. I had big plans to post 2-3 times a week, and I was doing so well until the busyness that comes with big family life got in the way. See, over the past 4 weeks, a LOT has come up that threw us off track!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you probably already know what has been going on. If not, here's a quick recap! (Official posts are in progress for everything below!)

Coen started walking a lot!

Baby Blog

We celebrated Valentine's Day! It would be the last bit of normalcy we would have over the next few weeks.

Big Family Blog

We went to Lexie's Middle School Open House.

Parenting Blog

The next day, Liam was diagnosed with the flu.

Down syndrome blog

And the next day, Lexie became a teenager!

13th Birthday Photography and Traditions

A few days later, Coen ends up with the same symptoms as Liam, but Urgent Care was out of flu tests. More concerning, was the fact that he was having frequent fainting episodes.

Pittsburgh Family Blog

Moving forward a few days...Coen had more episodes, and when we went to the pediatrician, she was concerned that they were actually seizures. (I recorded one.) In just a few short hours, Coen had an EKG, and was admitted to the hospital for several days. (I will share what's going on soon!)

Seizures in babies

We came home from the hospital, and jumped straight into a busy school week. Lily had her book fair, half birthday celebration at school, it was Read Across America Week, and we also had Lily's Open House and Living History Museum.

Living History Museum

Down syndrome blog

To conclude the chaos, Coen turned one!!!

1st Birthday Photography

That brings us up to date! An entire month flew by in the blink of an eye, and now we're jumping into a week full of appointments. I might be a wee bit overwhelmed at the moment, but someday I will figure out how to wrangle the chaos and make more time for the other things I love! For now, I'll leave you with this...

coronavirus memes

Let's chat. Tell me: Are you worried about coronavirus?


  1. Oh wow, I hope that Coen is okay! Happy birthday to him and Lexie though! You've been busy for sure - but I'm glad some things were fun. :) As for the coronavirus, I'm not too worried but it is getting closer to where I live so I feel like I'm going to start knowing people who get it. Plus, I work in a college, so we'll see.


    1. It's funny to see how much the situation has changed since I posted this. I hope you're doing well!

  2. Hello my friend! You had a busy four weeks, and now that we are a few weeks into COVID-19, I can only imagine how much busier you are!! I only have one child (as you already know) and can't seem to find the time to balance work and being a mom. Now that I have to work from home and help my son with school, I feel even more pressured for time.

    I can't believe how big Coen has gotten and that he's actually turned one! It must have been so scary to see him sick with the flu and then to have to go to the hospital!! I'm glad it seems like everyone is back to being well.

    I send my best to you and your wonderful family. Please keep safe. Love to you!


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