Our Five Ring Circus: How To Have The Best Summer in Pittsburgh with Kids

Monday, June 10, 2019

How To Have The Best Summer in Pittsburgh with Kids

How To Have The Best Summer in Pittsburgh with Kids

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School’s out for the Summer! Like many parents, I’m wondering what we’re going to do for the next 3 months. Thankfully, we live in the Pittsburgh area, and there is an abundance of family-friendly activities in and around our beautiful city!

Every so often, my husband and I daydream about moving our family to the beach, but the truth is, we won’t be doing that anytime soon. Pittsburgh is actually an incredible place to raise a family! It has everything - the best doctors and hospitals, an abundance of great museums, awesome professional sports teams, a booming arts district, four distinct seasons, fun public transportation, family-friendly events, and even the great outdoors.

You can easily find something to do every single day in Pittsburgh. From touring the beautiful gardens at Phipp’s Conservatory to cooling off at the infamous water steps to cheering on a favorite team to ice skating at the ice rink at PPG place, there is something for everyone. There’s so much to do that you just might miss something if you don’t put it on your schedule. That’s why I love Kidsburgh! Following along keeps me informed on all the exciting happenings for families in Pittsburgh!

What To Do In Pittsburgh

Kidsburgh is the go-to online resource for many Pittsburgh families. They share all the fun kid-friendly events and activities that are happening in and around Pittsburgh, including FREE activities! (This mom of five loves the free activities!!!) There is a handy calendar on the Kidsburgh website showing everything that is going on, with links to the full event details.

In addition to their handy guides for fun things to do in Pittsburgh, Kidsburgh publishes a wide variety of posts relating to kids and family. They also have a convenient directory that you can search through by category! And every Monday, Kidsburgh editors share a fun project for kids to create! (For more activities and Maker Monday projects, visit the Activities page.)

There’s a lot to do in the Pittsburgh area right now! Check out the Spring Events Guide for all of the current happenings.There will definitely be something fun for your family on the list! The weather is perfect to get outside for some exercise. You can find a nearby hiking trail in their Hiking Trails Guide. Rainy day got you feeling down? (We’ve had a lot of those lately.) Check out their guide to 9 Indoor Thrill Rides. Kidsburgh’s Summer Events guide will be coming out soon, along with a guide to the Three Rivers Art Festival, Summer Movies in our area, and the best places for Water Fun (including free options)!

I already started making a list of ideas for my family’s summer adventures using the Kidsburgh calendar and guides! We’re an active family, and we love to hike. Two of our favorite spots showed up on the Hiking Trails Guide: McConnells Mill State Park and the Heritage River Trail. McConnells Mill is a beautiful spot with waterfalls, rocks, small caves, and a river. We can easily spend all day there! The Heritage River Trail along Pittsburgh’s three rivers is beautiful, too. My kids love walking along it in the city, and stopping by the Water Steps on a hot day. (I’m CERTAIN those will show up in the upcoming WATER FUN guide! I always say it’s Pittsburgh’s hidden treasure!)

Hiking in Pennsylvania

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In the indoor thrill rides guide, our favorite local spot, Lightning Bug, is featured! My kids love the bumper cars, the indoor glow golf, the new outdoor golf courses, the arcade games, the free indoor playground and the yummy food! My kids love to hang out with their friends there on rainy days, and Lily always asks to go there on her birthday!

This year, we really want to check out the Three Rivers Arts Festival. We have never taken our kids before, but I think they would love it! It’s ten full days of free music and art! The Summer Solstice Sleepover at the Carnegie Science Center (one of our favorite museums) sounds like so much fun, too!

No matter what we do, our Summer will jam-packed full of fun activities thanks to Kidsburgh! Stay tuned for all of our adventures…

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How To Have The Best Summer in Pittsburgh with Kids

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  1. Sounds like a great resource. Cincinnati has some things like that too and it's really handy. I love seeing what fun things are happening around where I live.



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