Our Five Ring Circus: 8 Easy Ways To Deal With Pet Messes

Thursday, May 9, 2019

8 Easy Ways To Deal With Pet Messes

8 Easy Ways To Deal With Pet Messes

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Like many pet owners, we believe our pets are valuable family members. Our already large family of 7 also includes a gentle giant - an English Mastiff named Ella - and 3 indoor rabbits. Our home is loud, chaotic, and crowded, but full of so much love! And even though our beloved pets bring so much joy to our lives, they also make messes!

With five young children, a 150+ pound dog, and three 12 pound rabbits, there is pretty much ALWAYS a mess to clean up! (Remember that time our rabbits had babies? See the picture above!) If I don't stay on top of it, cleaning can quickly become very overwhelming. I'm not one of those people who can spot a mess and ignore it - instead, it will bother me until it's cleaned up.

Now that it's Spring AND shedding season, the mess has doubled! If I'm not sweeping up chihuahua-sized hairballs from my giant dog, I'm sweeping up freshly mowed grass and mopping muddy footprints/pawprints that are tracked through my house. What does a (fur) mama gotta do to keep things clean around here?!?

I'm teaching my children to clean up their own messes (or at least help), but that doesn't quite work with our pets! Here's how I tackle those pet messes...

8 Easy Ways To Deal with Pet Messes

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Keep a towel by the door.

We keep a towel in the closet near our door. If the weather outside is yucky, we dry off Ella's paws as soon as she comes inside. If it's pouring down rain, we also dry off her body. I will do anything to avoid wiping up even more messes than I already have to!

Brush your pet every day.

When we hit our first shedding season with Ella, I was shocked by how much hair ended up on the floor each day. I'm not even kidding when I say that I sweep up a pile of hair that is the size of a small dog TWICE a day! Thankfully, it's only twice a year, for a few weeks, but dealing with all that hair is overwhelming. I did discover that brushing Ella more frequently leads to less hair on the floor. I usually take her outside each day, brush her coat thoroughly, and let the birds take the hair to build their nests!

Keep a lint roller in your purse or car.

If you have a pet, you most likely have to deal with hair. Even though it's comforting to pet your dog or cat, it's not much fun to be out in public and realize you are covered in pet hair! Keeping a lint roller in your purse/bag or car helps you get rid of those stray hairs quickly!

Sweep and mop your main living area's floors daily.

I hate sweeping and mopping, but it's much quicker if I clean the floors each day in our main living areas. I turn to The Libman Company for my cleaning needs! This family-owned company has been around for 123 years, and offer the best brooms, mops, brushes, and tools that are made in the USA. I sweep my floors with a Libman broom, and I mop my floors with Libman mops.

I feel like I have to mop my floors at LEAST once a day, and The Libman Company has several mops that meet my needs.

  • The Freedom Spray Mop is my favorite for quick cleanups. It can be used on all hard floor surfaces, has a neck that swivels 360 degrees, and comes with a reusable microfiber pad that can be machine washed up to 100 times!
  • The Wonder Mop has a microfiber mop head with GRIPSTRIPS that lift up to 20% more dirt and can be machine washed up to 50 times, works on all surfaces, and has a power wringer that removes more water from the mop head which allows floors to dry faster.
  • The Tornado Mop is America's bestselling mop! It has a larger mop head to cover 50% more surface area, can be used on any surface, and is made from polyester yarn which resists odor-causing bacteria growth.

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Keep the furniture covered during shedding season.

Pets tend to jump onto furniture or brush against furniture. Keeping a throw blanket or couch/loveseat cover on your furniture helps so much during shedding season. They can easily be washed each week, or removed when guests come over. (Bonus points for protecting the furniture from tiny, food-covered hands!)

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Clean up the yard/litter box/cages each day.

Cleaning up poop is obviously the least favorite chore! But if you stay on top of it by scooping the poo out of the yard, litter box, or cage each day, it won't seem so bad!

Keep pet dishes on a mat.

We jokingly refer to the river of water that Ella spills out of her dish while drinking as Lake Ella! Even though it sounds funny, it's a HUGE mess to clean up. Keeping the dishes on a towel, throw rug, or rubber mat definitely helps - as long as we remember to swap it out for another one every few days!

Keep quick-cleanup tools nearby to tackle the messes. 

I keep my Libman broom and Libman Freedom Spray Mop in a convenient location for quick cleanups. And trust me when I say they both get used several times a day! Quick cleanups allow me to spend more time having fun with our pets!

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Do you have any pets? How do you tackle the pet messes? I would love for you to share in the comments!

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  1. All great tips. I could use some more lint rollers! lol Your rabbits are so cute.


  2. You are amazing, my friend--four pets and five kids and a clean house. I feel pretty lazy right now ;)


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