Our Five Ring Circus: Travel Trays for Kids + 10 Mess-Free On The Go Items

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Travel Trays for Kids + 10 Mess-Free On The Go Items

Travel Trays for Kids + 10 Mess-Free On The Go Items

*I received the Nuby cups for an honest review.

With five kids, we log in a lot of travel time in the car! Although we only go on a few road trips each year, we spend hours in the car each week driving our kids to school and activities. Like most older kids, Dylan and Lexie are glued to their phone and iPod, but our little ones get bored. Keeping a well stocked travel tray in our SUV helps us avoid hearing the dreaded "I'm bored!!!" while we're driving or waiting during sports and activities!

I've always kept my car stocked with road trip activities and snacks, but I had to pack a separate bag that we could take out of the car when we arrived at our destination. We ended up with so much stuff in our car. Then I won a travel tray from Kenley Kids in a giveaway, and it was truly a game changer! I honestly wish I had taken the plunge, and bought one sooner!

Not only does a travel tray hold all of our on the go essentials, but it also stores easily in the car, opens up into a convenient lap desk for on the go play, and can be carried like a bag to and from the car! It also has elastic pockets and zipper pouches to store cups, snacks, and toys, a convenient protective holder for a tablet, and a removable storage wall. It is the best car seat accessory for kids of all ages, and my young crew loves it!

Travel Trays for Kids

Hopefully I convinced you to make your life as a parent a bit easier, and buy one (or two or three) for your kids. But what should you put IN the travel tray? Here are 10 Mess-Free On The Go Items for kids...


Mess-Free on the go items for kids


Kids are always hungry! Am I right?!? Easy travel snacks like applesauce pouches, fruit snacks, and granola bars and dry cereal will keep them happy, and won't spoil in the car. Personally, I love fruit snacks for my kids because they are the least messy, crumb-free, portable snack! Plus, they're a treat, which makes my kids happy!

Best Travel Snacks for Kids


Kids are always thirsty, too! A spill-proof cup for the car is a MUST. Our two current favorites are from Nuby: the Nuby Sport Sipper and the Nuby 360 Insulated Light-up Wonder Cup!

Nuby cups

The Nuby Sport Sipper is part of Nuby's Active sipeez line, and is perfect for kids on the go! It is no spill, BPA free, comes in a generous size for older kids, and has a soft flex silicone straw. Just like many other Nuby cups, when you hear the click, you know it's locked! It's available for purchase at Amazon and Walmart.

Nuby Sport Sipper

The Nuby 360 Insulated Light-up Wonder Cup is a hit with Liam, who has Down syndrome! This BPA Free, sweat-proof, 10 oz No Spill cup has double-wall insulation to help keep drinks cooler longer. It is also part of the Active sipeez line. It has a 360 degree drinking edge that automatically seals when the child stops drinking. Using this cup helps kids transition to open cup drinking, which we are still working on doing neatly! Liam is a big fan of the truck design (fireworks and skates are also available), and he loves the light-up feature, which is activated by tapping on the bottom of the cup. It is available for purchase at Walmart.

Nuby 360 Insulated Light-up Wonder Cup


Although these are potentially messy, we've tested them out in our car, and they do easily wipe clean off of windows and other surfaces! They are inexpensive, and my kids love decorating their car windows with them. (Even my tween uses them!)


This is an inexpensive on the go activity that many kids enjoy. Play Packs are only $1, and can be found in so many places. They include a mini coloring book, a few small crayons, and a sheet of stickers. I pick new ones up every few months!

Road Trip Toys for Kids


I know, I know...play dough is NOT mess free. One small tub keeps my kids happy, and if it falls on the floor, it dries quickly and can be easily cleaned up. Including a small cookie cutter adds to the fun, and helps kids practice their fine motor skills!


Another fun sensory travel item is silly putty! My kids love the fact that they can stretch it, bounce it, and imprint it. Plus, it comes in fun varieties like metallic, neon, and glow in the dark! It's also not very messy!

Travel Toys for Kids


These large, chunky blocks are easy to put together, and won't get lost under your seats if they are dropped. The bristle texture makes them fun to build with!


All of my kids love magnetic tiles, and have so much fun building with them! They are perfect for flat building play on the tray, and just like the bristle blocks, they won't be easily lost in the car. The light shining through the blocks from the windows makes them extra fun to play with in the car!


Our magnetic wooden blocks from Tegu are perfect for on the go use. The wooden blocks have strong magnets in them which holds them together tightly, and our set comes with a convenient case!

Road Trip Ideas for Kids


Folding travel play mats are perfect for the car, and playing with them on a travel tray is so much easier for my kids! Liam absolutely loves the folding car mat that we found on Etsy, and the farm travel toy from Mouse Loves Pig!

Travel Play Mats

Road Trip Ideas for Kids

Travel with Kids

Parenting Blog

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More Fun Ideas:

  • Bendaroos or Wikki Stix
  • Felt Play Sets
  • Small Dolls or Action Figures
  • Magnetic Play Sets
  • Paper Dolls
  • Books
  • Workbooks
  • Chalkboard
  • Travel Games
  • Foam Sticker Crafts
  • Rubik's Cube 
  • Lego Duplos
  • Pop Beads
  • Small Aquadoodle 
  • Window Clings
  • Cheerios Necklace
  • Reusable Sticker Books

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Whether we are traveling, or simply on the go, our travel tray is the perfect addition on all of our adventures!

Travel Trays for Kids

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