Our Five Ring Circus: Life with Littles: February Moments & Memories

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Life with Littles: February Moments & Memories

Life With Littles: February Moments, Memories & Snapshots

I love the month of February! It arrives with the promise of Winter being halfway over, and is usually full of fun events for my family. This February was even more exciting than usual! It began with a fun mini getaway for my family, and ended with a new puppy!

The shortest month of the year definitely lived up to its name! It flew by so quickly. We were having so much fun that time simply escaped us, and before we knew it, March had arrived. February was such a special month for our family, and we made so many amazing memories together!

I try so hard to photograph all the little details of life with kids, because the special moments with my four children are the moments I never want to forget. My kids are growing up so quickly, and truthfully, every day that passes is one day closer toward independence. I wish I could freeze time, but since that's impossible, capturing the special moments forever is a good alternative!

February Moments & Memories

"Love Month" kicked off with hearts, red clothing, lots of snuggles and big smiles!

Down syndrome

Down syndrome


We tried to enjoy the snow rather than wish it away!

Winter Photography

Candid Childhood

We bonded during even the littlest moments.

The Lucky Few

Liam worked so hard on valuable life skills. (We ALWAYS think in terms of fine and gross motor and speech skills!)

Silikids Silicone cup

We continued to cheer Dylan on at his basketball games.

Youth Basketball

We went on a super fun family getaway to an awesome indoor waterpark!

Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark

Travel Blogger

Travel with Kids

Liam decided that he maybe - just maybe - liked snow a little bit!

Down syndrome

Down syndrome blogs

Down syndrome blog

Down syndrome blogger

We took a lot of hot baths to escape the cold!

Life with Down syndrome

Dylan continued to improve at each basketball game.

Basketball Game

We enjoyed some beautifully lazy moments.


And some incredibly magical moments!


Kids Photography

Kids Photography

Kids Photography

Kids Photography

Kids Photography

Kids Photography

Kids Photography

Kids Photography

We prepared for Valentine's Day and celebrated at class parties!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Box

We snuggled as much as possible!

The Lucky Few

Siblings bonded...

The Lucky Few

Sibling love


Down syndrome love

Down syndrome

We made difficult decisions. (Kindergarten or not?)

Down syndrome awareness

Down syndrome blog

Down syndrome

Down syndrome

We celebrated Valentine's Day! (Oh, how I love this adorably crazy crew!)

Big families

There were a few sick days (that were made better with homemade gifts from great aunts).

Sick day

Dylan continued to play his heart out at each game, despite his team's losing streak.


A few dance classes were missed, but Lily kept stretching!


We had an amazing, much needed almost 80 degree day, which meant a trip to the park, where each kid met up with a friend or two! Everybody was happy!



candid childhood

life with kids


Up syndrome


sibling love

Dylan and Liam started to share a bed each night!


Lexie celebrated her 11th Birthday!

11th Birthday

We went to Dylan's Open House at his school, and finally got to meet his teachers. (The 7th Grade transition is a tough one!)

Open House

Dylan's basketball season came to end. (Although we don't miss those EARLY Saturday games, we do miss watching him play!) We are so proud of how well he played this year!

Down syndrome

youth basketball

We got a puppy!!! Grant and Dylan made a 9 hour round trip to pick up our sweet English Mastiff pup while the girls, Liam and I went flower girl dress shopping with my cousin. (No pictures were taken thanks to my eye infection...which landed me at the eye doctor two days later, after a painful Kindergarten transition meeting, for new contacts!)

English Mastiff Puppy

And at the end of the month, my family was even better than before!

Family Life

I usually have such a difficult time processing just how quickly the months are passing by. I get lost in the day to day busyness of life with four kids, and time just seems to slip through my fingers. I'm trying so hard to change my mindset these days. I no longer want to mourn the rapid passing of time, but rather, hold onto the special moments and the memories my family made together, and look forward to all the moments to come! February was good to us. SO good!

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  1. Liam's smile makes me smile! Love the pics.

  2. Your kids are going to cherish these posts one day. This was a great one!

  3. What a great post! There are so many days during the week I'm craving the weekend and just can't wait until Friday. Those days in between matter, too! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  4. How are Dylan and Liam doing sharing sleeping quarters?

  5. What sweet, sweet pictures! A puppy - what a fun thing!! And snow to 80 degrees isn't it crazy how the weather can be?!


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