Our Five Ring Circus: The Long Christmas Break

Friday, December 29, 2017

The Long Christmas Break


Happy Friday, my friends! The past month has been very busy for me, and I was feeling really overwhelmed. I had so much on my plate that Grant urged me to take a brief blogging break for Christmas, and I agreed. I had only planned on taking a break for a week, but one week turned into two. Although it was the longest blogging break I have ever taken, it was exactly what I needed! 

Christmas didn't turn out as expected, but I will save that post for another day! If you follow me on social media, then you already know that Liam got really sick on Christmas, and ended up in the hospital. But in the spirit of easing back into a regular blogging schedule, I'm just going to recap some of the fun things my family did during my long break.

With four kids in school, there are a lot of activities during the holiday season. I'm not sure why that happens, but it tends to make the already busy time of year even busier! I could barely keep up this year!

Lily had Polar Express Day at school. She was so excited to wear pajamas to school and watch the movie with her friends!

Christmas Pajamas

Dylan had his 7th Grade Chorus Concert. This year I wasn't allowed to take any pictures of him at the school. That pretty much sums up life with a teenager, but I respected his request! That being said, I'm so proud of him for choosing a music elective this year over study hall.


A snowstorm started while we were watching the concert. The drive home was rough, and sure enough, the snow continued through the night. The kids were so excited to have a snow day the following day! It was definitely exciting (for most of them), because we didn't get much snow last year, and they didn't have a single snow day!

Snow Day

We went to my parent's house, and had our annual Cornflake-Wreath-Making night with my mom! This year, my girls did most of the work.


Baking with Kids

Just as we do every year since Dylan was a newborn, we went to visit Santa in his little house in my hometown. It's the same place that Grant and I used to go to when we were children, too, which makes it an extra special tradition. Liam absolutely adores Santa and didn't cry until we lifted him off of Santa's lap to leave, Lily decided to sneak in a request for an iPod despite mom and dad saying no, and Lexie and Dylan were good sports!

Down syndrome blogs

Santa Claus Zelienople PA

Santa Claus

Santa Claus

After visiting Santa, we headed to the town's community park to visit the homemade Christmas houses that my kids love so much!

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

We went to Lexie's rescheduled band and chorus concert. She did such a great job playing her flute in band and singing with the 5th grade chorus. She definitely has stage presence! 


We went to a Christmas party with friends, continued to enjoy our Elf on the Shelf's daily shenanigans, and Liam, Lily, and Lexie had Christmas parties at school.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

  1. The Lucky Few

Lily had holiday dress up and performance night at dance. Her ballet class learned the choreography during the two previous classes Lily had missed, so she had no idea what they were doing. But even though she didn't know the choreography, she still did a great job! Lily has no problems with confidence!

Studio 19



That brings us to several days of marathon shopping and wrapping, and right up to Christmas Eve! Stay tuned for THAT adventure...

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How was your holiday break?


  1. Our break was busy too! In fact, I was so busy for December that I ended up taking a break from blogging, too; although, taking a break wasn't intentional...it just happened. I'm glad to hear that Liam is okay...what a scare for Christmas! We all have fevers in our house, and I'm constantly taking Little Lewie's temperature... It sounds like you had a great break celebrating your children's many talents. They all look so happy!! Wishing you much rest and peace in the New Year!

    1. It kind of just happened here, too. I planned on a short break, but life got in the way, and it ended up longer. It was exactly what I needed to do! Happy New Year, my friend!

  2. I know you were busy but it looks like you made the most of it!


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