Our Five Ring Circus: The Husband Behind The Blog

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Husband Behind The Blog

Happy Monday, my friends! Today is a special day. Today, the husband behind the blog is celebrating his birthday!


In honor of this special day, I decided to dedicate this post to my hard-working husband! Grant is very supportive of my blogging endeavors, and proud of my accomplishments, but he rarely makes an appearance on this little space of mine. He just prefers to stay behind the scenes, and I completely respect that.

Today, however, he deserves a shout out! I'm going to share a few fun facts about my sidekick for the past 18 years. (Yes, we really have been together THAT long!)

Down syndrome awareness

  • Grant and I met when we were teenagers, when we were cast as the leads in a musical. He was Adam. I was Eve. We were destined to be together.
  • We (obviously) have a shared interest in musical theater!
  • Grant has 1 brother, Eric, who is 3 years younger than him. I am the baby of 8 kids and have 25 nieces and nephews. Holidays with my family was like culture shock for him.
  • Grant's dad passed away almost 5 years ago, and he misses him every single day.
  • Grant wanted 1 kid - maybe 2. I wanted 4. Guess who won? 
  • When we received Liam's suspected Down syndrome diagnosis, Grant just smiled and told me, "It's okay. We got this. We can do this!" He was so brave and in control, while I was losing my mind, even though he was unbelievably scared, too.
  • When it comes to parenting, Grant excels at making each child feel important. He goes out of his way to spend one on one time with each of his kids.
  • Grant wanted to be a history major in college, but ended up taking computer programming and business courses instead. 
  • If you're wondering what Grant does for a living, he's a mortgage guy! It's incredibly stressful at times, but he made a complete career change 5 years ago and worked his way up in the company. I am so proud of how far he's come and have no doubt that he will climb even higher!
  • Grant loves baseball, and even though we live in Pittsburgh, his favorite team is the Detroit Tigers.
  • When it comes to football, however, he bleeds black and gold. Go, Steelers!
  • Grant taught himself how to play guitar and he really is quite good! He plays every weekend. He has a beautiful voice, too.
  • If  you need to know anything - and I do mean anything - about music, movies and TV shows, just ask Grant. He knows trivia like no other!
  • Grant LOVES Charles Bukowski and Charlie Chaplin.
  • His favorite TV show is Game of Thrones. He's a happy camper right now!
  • Grant has 3 tattoos: the Misfits logo, Dylan's initials and Lexie's initials. He isn't really into tattoos anymore, but wants to add Lily's initials with a tiger lily, and Liam's initials with boxing gloves.
  • Grant likes to play video games, but it doesn't consume his life. He really likes Fallout, Skyrim and Madden.
  • His favorite color is hunter green.
  • His favorite animal is a bear.
  • Grant despises mowing the grass and was more than happy to pass that chore onto his oldest son this Summer!
  • Grant loves iced tea. So much that he goes through 1-2 gallons of homemade sweet tea each week! 
  • Grant is a fan of weird drinks. Aloe water? Check. Drinks with chia seeds floating in it? Check. Drinks from other countries that have the texture of lumpy jello? Check. I think it's just his way of not having to share with his family! He's like that with unusual foods, too. His birthday lunch choice for today is a green smoothie, coconut chips and sunflower seeds. (I threw in his favorite sour candy to even things out.)
  • Grant's family is a Chevy family. His family owns a dealership, and his uncle just retired from GM, and is very well known among Camaro enthusiasts. Grant dreams of owning a Camaro one day!
  • Grant loves to just get in his car and drive around. (That's exactly how we celebrated his birthday together last night! Dinner at Moe's, a trip to the grocery store, and hour drive and ice cream. It was a wild date!)
  • Grant did not push himself in high school, but he's actually very smart. He's very well read, knows a lot about politics and current events, and he excels at word games, geography and history. 
  • Grant loves the beach as much as I do. We hope to retire to the beach one day...or maybe sooner!
  • Grant is very personable, and can easily make friends with everybody. It's one of the things I love most about him!

The Lucky Few

I hope you enjoyed the condensed version of getting to know Grant, and learned a few things about the husband behind the blog. Happy Birthday, Grant! We love you SO much! 

The Husband Behind The Blog


  1. I love this! Happy birthday to your hubby! So fun learning more about him. :)

  2. Such a sweet post dedicated to him. I had to lol over the mowing the grass one. Russ HATES it too. He keeps reminding me that he wants minimal grass at the new place and I am just fine with that. I hope he has a great birthday!

  3. What a great guy! Happy birthday to him!

  4. So sweet! Haha, on the 4 kid thing and Wow 25 nieces and nephews, that's insane, and oh so fun! Doesn't everyone hate mowing the lawn...at leats I can saw i'm super allergic to it, so I never had to do it growing up :) Happy birthday to Grant, may this be the best year yet!

  5. It’s awesome to find couples that have been together so long. It’s so rare these days. I love this post about Grant. You two are the cutest! I love that your days started with you two being Adam and Eve. Wow! What you guys did for his birthday is exactly the kind of dates Nate and I go on. We love driving backroads listening to music and just enjoying each other’s company and conversation. I hope he had the best birthday!

  6. What a sweet post! I loved learning more about him... I never realized how little I knew about him until now! Happy birthday to him! I hope you have a great day celebrating his awesomeness!!

  7. Super sweet! Happy Birthday to him!


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