Our Five Ring Circus: Document Your Days {Motherhood Lens: February}

Monday, March 6, 2017

Document Your Days {Motherhood Lens: February}

It's no secret that I take a lot of pictures. I usually end up with thousands of pictures each month, and those are the keepers! I just love to document our days by capturing all the little moments that make life so special!

I don't have a ton of pictures from my childhood, and I really wish I did. I wish I had more pictures that documented the everyday moments with my parents and my siblings. I can't get those moments back, but I can make an effort to capture all those moments with my family now. I know that one day my kids will appreciate the fact that I documented these everyday moments and love having so many special memories captured forever.

February seemed to fly by this year. It was such a busy month for my family. From basketball to birthdays to the birth of pet bunnies, it was full of so many exciting moments!

I kicked off the month with a nasty stomach virus. It actually started at the end of January, but it lasted for nearly two weeks. My only symptom was severe stomach cramps, which put a damper on all of our Valentine's Day prep and fun. But I tried to make sure their days were filled with love!


With four kids in school, there is a lot of schoolwork to be done!


Liam eventually fell victim to the respiratory virus that took down every kid in his preschool class but him.


In typical Liam style, he was acting perfectly happy and healthy, but he looked awful. A trip to the doctor was in order, and we found out he had a sinus infection and infections in both ears and eyes!


Spring showed up at the beginning of February which is very unusual for Pittsburgh! We're definitely not complaining one bit!


We managed to find time for some Valentine's Day crafting, but didn't manage to cross much off of our Valentine's Day Bucket List.


Liam got crafty and did a little poo art in his crib. So we had to get creative in order to keep him from doing it again. EVER. Backwards pajamas and a backwards pullover seemed to do the trick.


We took full advantage of our unseasonably warm winter days.


On the rare days we couldn't go outside due to rain, there was plenty to do indoors.


And then the excitement kicked in. Our huge bunny gender oops resulted in eight baby bunnies. It was timed perfectly and the kids got to watch each baby bunny enter the world!


Despite the OMG moment when we found out one of our bunnies was a boy and babies were most likely arriving in the near future, we were all pretty smitten with the newest additions.


Meanwhile, the excitement about Valentine's Day was building!


The big day finally arrived! We had to plan our celebration around school, class parties, storytime and dance class.

DSC_0108 (2)

Dylan taught Liam how to take the perfect selfie!


We spent every Saturday morning at the gym for Dylan's basketball games. Dylan loves to play, and by his second month of the season he found his groove and started showcasing his talent!


A few 70+ degree days popped up which felt AMAZING.


We managed to sneak in some more crafting. My girls are always willing participants!


Lexie enjoyed her last few days as a 9 year old.


Our babies grew FAST!


Liam played hard and slept harder.


We started picnicking outdoors again. I'm definitely a big fan of these Spring-like Winters.


Lexie was bursting with excitement on her birthday eve!


She was even more excited about turning 10!


At 10 days old, our babies opened their eyes!

DSC_0595 (2)

Dylan played his last basketball game of the season. We're going to miss cheering him on every Saturday! He played so well this season and we are so proud of him!


Our baby bunnies grew and grew, and we started handling each bunny more frequently to prepare them for their new homes.


I wish we could keep them all. Seriously...have you ever seen anything cuter?!?


And at the end of the month, I was still sick. (Needless to say, after a month of being sick every single day with illness after illness, I gave up and got an antibiotic.)


February was such a fun, busy, and exciting month! Although illness deterred our plans a bit, we still enjoyed our amazing "Winter" and I managed to capture so many great moments with my sweet family. We can't wait to see what adventures March has in store for us! 


  1. The bunnies stole the show this month. They are so stinking cute! I'm so sorry you have been so sick. Ugh! Hoping March is better.

  2. What a fun month! Those bunnies are adooooorable! I don't think I've ever seen a baby bunny at such a young age. So very cute. All of your pics makes me want to bust out my big girl camera. I've been relying on my phone, which is fine, but I should probably start taking some crisper photos of the kiddos. Thanks for the reminder! I'm happy you're feeling better. I feel like someone in our house has been sick everyday since before Christmas. Sooooo over it! Happy and Healthy Monday to ya'!

  3. I wish I took more photos -- I just don't! Maybe I'll try to do a bit more snapping this month.
    I hope March is healthy and more productive! Maybe even a bit warmer, too.

  4. Oh man those bunnies. How can you even stand all of that cuteness. If only we were closer I would happily take one off your hands :). Loved all of the sweet moments you captured.

  5. I love this post and all the pictures. The bunnies are sooo cute!

  6. Liam and Dylan look so much alike in the pictures of them taking selfies! This was a fun post to read.


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