Our Five Ring Circus: The Kids Behind the Blog: February Edition {All About Love}

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Kids Behind the Blog: February Edition {All About Love}

It's February and love is in the air!

Well...kind of. Any parent who has more than one child knows that sibling relationships are like a roller coaster. One minute they adore each other, and the next minute, they are the WORST. SIBLINGS. EVER.  That's just a very real and perfectly normal aspect of raising children! It's definitely true for the kids behind my blog!

The reality is that we have four kids ranging in age from 3-12 and they all have opinions that don't always match up. Yes, they are each filled with a depth of love that amazes me each and every day,  but they are still kids with feelings, emotions, and hormones! I have hope, because I know it gets better. Being the youngest of 8 children, I speak from experience! In the meantime, I'll just pop in some ear plugs to silence the bickering and REALLY savor the moments when nothing but love fills our home!

In honor of Valentine's Day, this month's interview is all about love!

The Kids Behind the Blog - February Edition

 Dylan - Age 12, Alexandria - Age 9, Liliana - Age 5 & Liam - Age 3
 What does the word love mean to you?

Dylan: "It means to like someone or something." (This was followed by a sigh. I think this kid is going to stop participating soon!)

Alexandria: "It means that you like them and you think they are a nice person."

Liliana: "It means that you love your friends or something. It means being nice and helpful."

Liam: *Blows me a kiss* (Good boy!!!)


Kids choice! How do you want to spend Valentine's Day?

Dylan: "At home spending time with my family members." (He must want something.)

Alexandria: "I want to spend Valentine's Day sleeping." (Me: Really?!? Her: Uh-huh.) LOOOONG pause. "Or seeing family members."

Liliana: "I want to give everybody a red, beautiful heart with sparkles on it!" (Sparkles are a MUST!)

Liam: "MOOOOO!" (Okay, so you want to spend Valentine's Day with a cow? Or was that directed at me?)


Do you have a Valentine? If so, who?

Dylan: "Yes, Brianna." *Smiles* (Yes, he has his first girlfriend. Hold me.)

Alexandria: "No, not really." (I don't believe her. She always has a crush!)

Liliana: "Yes. I have my family!" (AWWWWW!)

Liam: "Nana! And Papa. Nana and Papa!" (Always the favorite...)


How many days are in the month of February?

Dylan: "Uh. Really? 28."

Alexandria: "28?!?"

Liliana: "I don't know! I DON'T KNOW! 30?"

Liam: "Un. Ooooo. Feee!" *claps* (Well, it is the shortest month...)


How do you show someone you love them?

Dylan: "By being nice."

Alexandria: "By doing nice things to them!"

Liliana: "I show them by being nice and really helpful to them. Just like I do with you. *Grins and wraps her arms around my neck* (Well played, Lily, well played.)

Liam: *Blows me another kiss* (You win, dude!)

Being nice is obviously the key to everything in life. Remember that, kids! (And I will totally remind you of these answers when you're bickering!)

All joking aside, these four really are incredibly loving kids who are so lucky to have each other. Their love for their family and friends takes my breath away! I am one lucky mama!

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  1. I love reading your kid's answers because sometimes they are so similar from all 4 and other times they are so different due to their ages. It's so fun!

  2. Lily was cracking me up this time. "I don't know, I don't know!" Your interview still remains one of my favorite to read every month. They are just so funny and I love seeing their individual personalities shine.

    1. Thanks, Beth! Lily was so frustrated over that question. I wish I recorded it, because the tone of her voice was hilarious!

  3. Liam's answers are so appropriate! The rest are great too!

  4. Ok Dylan having a girlfriend! OMG! And I giggled out loud when you said he must want something hahahaha! Such sweet kiddos!

    1. I know! I can't handle it. He is going to her birthday party on Saturday and wants me to take him shopping so he can buy her something special.

  5. Oh Dylan!!!! I can't believe that he has a girlfriend. I know that's just breaking your momma heart in two! I don't even want to think about it!!

    1. I thought I had a few more years before this milestone! TOO soon!

  6. So the majority of the bigger kids include the phrase "or something" and it makes me think they are too cool for us Mommas' with questions.

  7. Your kids' answers are so varied! I love all the kisses you got and your pictures are so beautiful!

  8. Oh, I just love your kids' answers; they really show their age! Lily and Liam are such love bugs--they gave such sweet answers. I can believe that Dylan already has a girl friend, and I love that Lexi wants to spend Valentine's Day sleeping. I could take more sleep over a box of chocolates right about now! :)

  9. Oh mama! I love that I am not alone! Sometimes I feel like my big kids are getting... well big and it pains me. I have yet to experience a first girlfriend (or boyfriend!) thankfully! But I feel you and it's hard when they no longer want to join in.


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