Our Five Ring Circus: A Day In The Life? HA!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Day In The Life? HA!

I planned on sharing a Day in the Life with Down Syndrome today in honor of the upcoming World Down Syndrome Day.  I had it all mapped out in my head.  I was going to photograph all aspects of my day with Liam, on, you know, my busiest day of the week.  I tend to set high expectations.

After having 4 children, I should KNOW that nothing ever works out as planned. Ever.

The truth is, I never picked up my camera this morning.  I honestly forgot all about my project when I walked into Lexie's room after she left for school, and stared at the empty hamster cage.  On 4 short hours of sleep (I have to stay up late to do things, because there simply isn't enough time to do everything!), my brain processed this information very slowly.  Empty cage. Hamster missing.

It took a few seconds before it hit me.  EMPTY CAGE!!! HAMSTER ON THE LOOSE!

My heart sunk.  Lexie got this hamster on her birthday.  She had been asking for another hamster ever since her beloved first hamster passed away.  To make it even worse, our dog passed away just 3 days before Lexie's birthday. She couldn't handle another loss.  I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.  If I couldn't find that hamster, I was going to have to deal with an absolutely devastated child in 7 short hours. 

I HAD to find her.  Somehow, between two hour long therapy sessions, taking care of kids, and going to Storytime, that hamster had to be found.  I was faced with a huge problem and a very limited time frame.

So I did exactly what any other mother would do. Panic mode.

Cover all door cracks with rugs!  Block vents!  Pick up the poisonous mouse food in the garage!  Oh, crap. There's mouse poison IN THE GARAGE!

Liam's physical therapist showed up a few minutes later.  I'm not quite sure if she was more surprised at the unusually crazed mom who greeted her or the fact that there was a rodent loose in our house.  Either way, she was a good sport, and I managed to form a game plan during the session.

I based my plan on past experience with a loose hamster.  Lexie's previous hamster escaped once, and I found him sleeping behind a play tent, just 2 inches away from the table that held his cage. Of course.

So.  After Liam's PT left, I tackled Lexie and Lily's room.  I started with the dresser that the cage sits on, and worked my way outward.  Every single toy bin was dumped out, all the dresser drawers were pulled out, toys were moved into the hallway, bedding was ripped up, and furniture was moved.  I tore that room apart!

An hour later, Liam's Speech Therapist showed up.  After I explained why there were blankets and rugs blocking every door in my house, so she didn't think I was insane, she told me she's been there many times.  She said that their hamster goes into the closet every single time it escapes.  Of course, that was the only place left to search through in their room. We laughed about how moms instantaneously go into panic mode and will do anything to find that lost pet.

After she left, I went back into the room.  I didn't want to get my hopes up, but I hoped.  Oh, I hoped.  I hoped because tearing up the entire house the way I tore up their room was going to be a nightmare! I hoped because telling my daughter that her beloved hamster was gone was going to break her heart, which in turn, would break my heart.  I hoped, I hoped, I hoped. I hoped with every ounce of my being.

I started pulling out storage bins, and saw a flash of movement. YES!!! There she was, hanging out under the folding hamper full of dress up items.   I was shocked that I actually found her! Of course, in the last possible place to search through in the room, but I FOUND HER!  Relief!  Crisis averted!

It took several minutes to actually catch her.  Little Loco Coco decided to play a game of Catch Me If You Can! I'm not going to lie.  The curse words that exited my mouth would probably make a grown man blush, but I have no shame.  I save those words for the right occasion, and, well, when nobody else can hear me.  Those words felt very appropriate at the time.

Once I caught the hamster and returned her to the cage, I made SURE she wouldn't escape the same way again.  That right there is about 5+ pounds of an 8 year old's nail polish collection. If she can push that up, she deserves her freedom! Try that, you little jerk!


I quickly typed a text to Liam's Speech Therapist that said, "You were right" and received a great response.  See? Our speech therapist helps in more ways than just helping Liam to to talk.  Although, his current "tit" for the word eat is questionable.  

I breathed a huge sigh of relief, then faced the monumental task of reassembling the entire room, including folding clothing that I ripped out of the drawers, and making the beds. 


Two hours later, just 1 minute before the bus arrived, I finished.  You would never even suspect the craziness that occurred over the past 7 hours.  

I told her anyway...


and she was very grateful.

I finally sat down after 7 long, crazy hours, smiled, and then it hit me.  We missed storytime.  Our 25 library books were due TODAY.  Okay.  Come on, kids.  Off to the library we go!

It's always an adventure around here. A day in the life?  HA!  Welcome to the circus!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm glad! I laughed about it, too. Once everybody was in bed, of course!

  2. What a day!!! I'm so glad you found her. I'm sure your daughter is too. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad she didn't notice before she left for school. That would have been awful!

  3. I wanted to cry for you when you said you had to load up and go to the library after that!

  4. Lol. Oh my goodness I am so happy you found the hamster. The little jerk part had me rolling too :).

  5. I am so glad you found the hamster!! And I needed a good laugh today and this post did the trick. What a funny story! :)


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