Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just Another (Somewhat) Ordinary Thursday

Every Thursday, I babysit my best friend's two boys. My kids love them, and are so happy when they are here. Lexie, Dylan, and Tyler have a great time playing together, and my kids adore Braden. They always tell me that they want a baby! ;)

Dylan went over to my sister's house this morning, and spent the entire day there. Lexie and Tyler missed him so much, but they managed without him. Lexie is 6 months older than Tyler, and they are so sweet together. They love to cuddle, hug, and hold hands!


Every year, since Lexie was a baby, I've taken pictures of my kids in a giant, Christmas mug. I haven't taken the mug pictures with my kids yet this year, but I couldn't resist taking pictures of a cute, chubby, 6 month old!

What an adorable cup-o-baby he is!


After the boys went home, Lexie and I had several hours alone. Grant had a work dinner, which he just got back from, and Dylan was at his cousin's basketball game. Lexie and I had her favorite dinner: Macaroni and cheese and turkey dogs, and then (quickly-it was freezing!) put some outdoor decorations up.

Lexie's eczema gets worse by the day. It's the same pattern every single year. Even with a prescription cream, free and clear products, and a humidifier, she will be plagued by it until the weather warms up. She still gets it in the spring/summer, but not nearly this bad! I feel so bad for her.


When Dylan came home, we put on our pajamas, and watched, "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer." We snuggled up under a warm blanket, and drank hot cocoa as we watched the movie. Snuggling with my kiddos is one of the best things in the world! Life is good!


  1. She must just itch, how I feel for her. I only have it on a little patch on my stomach but man it can itch sooo much. Love that mug and that chubby baby in it!

  2. Poor Lexie!

    Because I have it as well, I totally feel for her. For some reason, this year has been really hard on me and my arms are torn up!

    Buddy's legs are starting to get bad again, not to mention his hands. It's about time to pull out the aquafor, but he hates that stuff because it's so sticky and his pj pants stick to it.

    I've found, even thouh they originally pulled it from the market for kids, that elidel really works the best. But even then, it's not great.

    That baby is so cute in the cup!!

  3. poor little Lexie!!
    Rylee had it when she was smaller but it has greatly improved!

    love the pic of the chubby little baby :)

  4. I wish my kids would sit still long enough to cuddle!

  5. Those are definitely some cuuuute kids!!

    I feel so bad for Lexie. Poor thing must be so itchy.

  6. Awwww, love the Cup O' Baby! Too cute!

    Poor Lexie. That looks awful. I wonder if y'all lived in a different climate if it would still be the same? Hopefully she'll outgrow it, yes? No?

    I'm gonna leave the blogworld right now and go snuggle with my youngens. =0) Sounds splendid!


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